Blackie Passed Away – 24 May 2013

Posted: May 24, 2013 in Uncategorized

24 May 2013
Hi Dennis; Sadly, Blackie passed away today. At a Veterinary check-up a large tumor was discovered in his abdomen. Probably Cancer and the Veterinarian did not think Blackie would survive surgery & Chemo. I was with Blackie as well as Bruce and the wonderful people from B.A.R.K. (The Bytown Association for Rescued Kanines) .He went peacefully as I was holding his paw. Will miss them both.


  1. so sorry ~ Blessings to all.


  2. dcardiff says:

    Thanks Deborah, Blackie was a ten-year-old Shepherd mix. He’d had a number of owners (all panhandlers). He was well loved. His time had come.



  3. GBY..and RIP Blackie..:(


    • dcardiff says:

      Thanks Charron,
      Blackie and his master are deeply missed by many who have become accustomed to seeing them on the street. I appreciate your kind words and your concern.



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