Cooking Crack – 22 August 2013

Posted: August 22, 2013 in Dialog, Prose
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22 August 2013

Rain was pouring, pedestrians were scurrying under umbrellas trying to avoid collisions. Joy was sitting hunched on her box below the overhang of the library.  She said, “Come back here, I’m dry.  Just watching the puddles and people being splashed by the cars.  There’s another one. The ones with the umbrellas are dangerous. Everybody’s cranky this morning; they’ve all got scowls on their faces, as if they’d never seen rain before. I’ve hardly made a thing.

I asked, “Have you heard anything about Big Jake? Did you phone his parole officer?”

“Yeah, I phoned, but didn’t get much information. He said it was confidential. I don’t like that guy, Jake doesn’t either.”

“That’s what happens when people are given power. They love to lord it over everybody else. What will this mean for Jake?

“He’s got a parole violation, so that’ll mean an extra three months added to the five left on his sentence.”

What violation was he charged with? Was it missing appointments with his parole officer or drinking?”

“He violated the restraining order that said he couldn’t come anywhere near me. He stayed over one night. Someone knocked at the door. I didn’t know who it was, but I answered it. It was the cops. It wasn’t like it was eleven o’clock at night. I never would have answered then.

“How did they know he was at your place?”

“Someone must have told them, but not that many people know where I live. I’m thinking it may have been Rodent. That’s where Jake stayed when he first got out. He probably said, check with Jake’s old lady.

“Mariah said she saw Andre yesterday. She said he looked like shit, just skin and bones. He’s either contracted something from his new girlfriend, or he’s back on the crack. That stuff will really make you lose weight.

“Mariah asked Andre if everything was settled between him and me. He said, ‘Yeah, it’s all sorted.’ I said, ‘Bullshit, nothing’s sorted. It’s just like the last time I told you’. Then she said, ‘So, it’s okay if I pound the shit out of him, next time I see him?’ I said, ‘Yeah, fill your boots.’

“The crack you get on the street now is combined with all kinds of shit that you can get under the kitchen sink. Some mix it with ammonia, hydrochloric acid and acetone. I see  people with sores on their mouths, it eats their skin, some have even lost their lips.

“When I was cooking people knew what they were getting, just straight shit.”

“You cooked your own crack? How do you do that?”

“It’s just  four to one coke to baking soda in a teaspoon, add a tiny bit of water to make it muddy and run a lighter until it  until turns into rock.  I messed up the first time, but the guy I was with had an eight ball. He said, ‘Try again, you gotta learn some time.’ So I did, and it worked. That’s all there is to it.”

“Hardly anybody uses straight cocaine anymore, unless they’re shooting it into their arms.”

  1. The scourge of Miami. Yeah, any cooked dope is boot since they made ether controlled. They use acetone to make crack now. Among other things it turns the lungs to stone.


  2. blissluk says:

    I hope you are working on your novel – I love your writing style! Keep on going! 🙂


    • dcardiff says:

      Thanks for your encouragement and support. It is much appreciated. My aim is to have my book finished by the end of this year, but each day I find more I want to include. It will happen when it happens.

      I love what you wrote about your great grandmother:

      “Simply by being herself, it is her who taught me the lessons of being a good person: always seeing the good in people, sharing with others, caring for others, and being the positive change you want to see in your life.”

      I will be back to your blog often for inspiration.



  3. Jessica Slavin says:

    Your blog is like a light in the darkness. Thanks.


    • dcardiff says:

      Hi Jessica, thanks for your kind words. I love your blog especially your poem “Music Will Save the World”. Bob Dylan often used found poetry. I do as well. ~ Dennis


      • Jessica Slavin says:

        Thanks, Dennis. It is gratifying when someone else enjoys something you do. It is also heartening to see someone like you doing and writing the things you do. I love your blog! Keep up the work.


  4. […] How long has it been since you read a blog that showcases the lives of homeless people, straight up? Just, you know, as people. The drama is part of their existence, so it’s always a good read. Cooking Crack. […]


  5. billiamholt says:

    This brings back some memories…


    • dcardiff says:

      I hope my post brought back some good memories. ~ Dennis


      • billiamholt says:

        Some good, some bad, but all learned from. Reading your stories and realizing, having lived versions of them myself, how real they are, helps me keep in fresh perspective where I can from. Which for me personally, is very important. Thanks again.


  6. toad (chris jensen) says:

    Nice post Dennis, powder cocaine is my drug of choice only now day the present is so low that I use powder any more. You know it’s all about the greed!


  7. KraftedKhaos says:

    I’ve been meaning to ask you, do you take your pictures yourself, of the people you talk to, or do you get them off the internet?


  8. Conjugate the Verb says:

    Thanks for sharing that. Your knack for taking down dialogue is really something.


    • dcardiff says:

      Thanks for your kind words. I’ve come to know these people, so as long as I can remember the subject, I can imagine how they would express themselves. I enjoy your poems especially, “Mother Love”. ~ Dennis


  9. When I worked at a shelter as a therapist the crack addicts told me they were addicted the first time they smoked it. The number of endorphins released in the brain is outrageous– I want to guess (from memory) it is several hundreds times normal brain levels. With a reaction like that, addiction is inevitable.


    • dcardiff says:

      Hi Linda, that makes a lot of sense. I wondered why it was so addictive. All drugs make me paranoid, so I stay away from them. Your blog is very insightful. I enjoyed “Randomly Kind in Random Ways” and “Survivors Overcome for a Price”. The second one relates particularly to myself and my friends. Thank you so much for this. ~ Dennis


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