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23 August 2013

When walking up the sidewalk to the park the only person I saw was Richard, shirt off sunning himself. I thought he was alone, but when I rounded the curve I saw Mariah, Shakes and Chester.

Joy was the first to speak, “Dennis, I’m hammered, man. I’m not even sure I can stand up. I was just thinking about how I can fuck my neighbor’s weekend. He said he knows cops that can put me in prison. He’s just a fucking gardener, for Christ’s sake. I’ve been in prison before, for some really nasty shit, but that’s all behind me. Who does this guy think he is? Cops have checked my record, there’s no way they’re going to bring me back to Toronto for things I did there twenty years ago.

“I even talked to my family. They were glad to hear from me and glad to help. The only thing is, I’ll have to put up with my uncle’s crazy, witch, girlfriend. She spends a hundred bucks a month on black hair dye and she still ends up with a white stripe down the middle.

“Are you with me on this , Mariah? I wish we had your Harley right now. I had a Sportster in Toronto that my uncle rebuilt specially for me. Then I lent it to my sister. You know what happens when you’re going up a steep driveway and you gun the engine?”

“I know, ” I said, “you go right over backwards. I’ve done it myself.”

“Ass over tea kettle!” agreed Mariah.

Joy said, “My uncle was really pissed off. He said, ‘I built that bike for you. Now you’re barred.’ That gave me the opportunity to beat the shit out of my sister. I enjoyed that, but I missed the bike.”

I said, “I used to ride a 650 Suzuki GL, but I always wanted a Harley.”

Mariah said, “I usually rode a Shadow, I had a Harley for a while, but that was way back. What you need to do is get someone to rebuild you a bike. They’re a lot better.”

“Like a knucklehead or shovelhead? I asked.

“Yeah, they have great vibrations. Every woman loves a Harley!”

Loretta, Scarface and his dog Dillinger came by. Dillinger licked my face as I sat on the sidewalk. Joy said, “I’ve fed that dog, given him treats, looked after him; he doesn’t give me kisses.”

I said to Loretta, “I see that you’re drinking coffee, or at least it looks like coffee.”

“It’s coffee. I’ve just passed my anniversary, eight months sober.”

“Congratulations, that is a great accomplishment. I’m so  proud of you.”

“Well, you saw me while I was drinking. I was a real mess.”

“I’ve been the same. Now is what counts.”

A plump, middle-aged woman stopped by. She asked, “Does anybody here know where I can buy some pot.”

Joy, nervously said “Yeah.”

“I’ve asked kids on the market, but they just laugh at me. I’m from the seventies, I just want something to mellow me out.”

Joy said, “You’d only get shit from them anyway.”

“How much can you sell me?”

“A gram.”

“What do you charge?”


“If I want more can you hook me up with somebody.”


“Where can I meet you. Are you around here every day.”

“Most mornings until about one o’clock.”

“Okay, I’ll see you again.” She took her gram then walked away.

Mariah said, “I hate having to deal with strangers.”

Joy said, “Don’t worry, It’s my pot. You’re safe.”

Shakes said, “One time, in Toronto, a guy came by my place and asked to buy a gram. That was fine. Then he came again and wanted to buy forty grams. The third time he arrested me for possession of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking. I got ten years.”


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And now for something entirely different! It is my honor and privilege to introduce you to a studio operated by a friend of mine. You will be impressed! Without further ado:

23 August 2013

Refreshing is the way some people described this morning, sunny with what could only be described as an early fall breeze. Joy was huddled on her box with her hood pulled up and her hands in the pocket. “I’m fuckin’ frozen. Here feel my hand. I’m shivering so much I can hardly talk.”

I asked, “Have you had any news about Big  Jake.”

“The telephone rang last night. When I tried answering I dropped it. When I picked it up the line was dead. It might have been Jake. I don’t know.”

“Where is he being held?”

“He’s in the hole at Innes Road. I don’t know why they put him there I thought he would have been in P.C/ (Protective Custody) because of his domestic assault charge. He said, ‘I don’t even have TV here.’ Well, I guess not, that’s the idea of  ‘the hole’.

Solitary confinement is a special form of imprisonment in which a prisoner is isolated from any human contact, though often with the exception of members of prison staff. It is sometimes employed as a form of punishment beyond incarceration for a prisoner and has been cited as an additional measure of protection from the inmate or is given for violations of prison regulations. It is also used as a form of protective custody and to implement a suicide watch. ~ Wikipedia

“I was woken up at two-thirty this morning by my upstairs neighbor. He was stomping around. I said to him this morning, ‘By the way, i appreciated the wake up call in the middle of the night.’ He said, ‘Your welcome. The police were at your place twice last week. I didn’t appreciate that either.’ I said, ‘It’s not my fault the police showed up, but there hasn’t been any noise since.’ He said, There better not be, or you’re going to jail. I know some very important people.’ I said, ‘You’re a gardener for the city, you put up snow fences. You can’t do anything to me, and you don’t even want to know about the important people who I deal with.’ When he drove away I slammed my fists on his hood. Mariah heard it and said, ‘You show him, Joy. Don’t take any shit from that bastard.’

I said, “So what do you have planned for the weekend?  You have a comfortable apartment now, you have TV to keep you entertained.”

“I’m just going to stay quiet, but there’s nothing that I like to watch on TV. Mostly I’ve been listening to the radio.

“I got a call from Bell saying that they want me to pay my overdue bill.  I said, “how can I have an overdue bill when I haven’t even got a bill yet. She said, ‘You’ve received a lot of collect charges.’ I said, ‘My boyfriend is out of town. It’s inconvenient for him to use pay phones so he charges it to my number.’ Actually, in the hole, Jake only gets one phone call a day, that’s why, last night  he couldn’t have called back. That’s another reason why I think it was him calling. ‘Anyway, I said to this broad, just send me the bill, then I won’t have to talk to you.’

A man stopped by with a plate of breakfast inside a plastic bag. “You’ll like this he said,  it’s turkey.”

Joy peeked in the bag, “My favorite, sausage, eggs hash browns and toast. Do you want some?  I’ll save this for later.”

“It must be turkey sausage.” I said.

Another woman stopped by and said, “I don’t have any change, but would you like a coffee and something to eat?”

“A tea with double cream and one sugar would be nice, thanks.”

A scruffy looking, bearded man wearing a hat and trench coat stopped and put a handful of change in Joy’s cap. “Thanks, do you want a cigarette?”

“Yeah, that would be nice.”

“How about a coffee, would you like a coffee or something to eat? Here’s a Tim card. Get anything you want. There’s five bucks on that.”

I asked, “Who was that?”

“I dunno, I see him around a lot.”