Hitting The Streets. Part 1.

Posted: September 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

This is a fascinating account of how one man, Kelly, entered a life of homelessness. If you’ve enjoyed my posts, you’ll enjoy Kelly’s ~ Dennis

Break the lifelong cycle of inherited practices and trends that lead to heartache, failure and suffering.

Part One.
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

This account of my life is in no way intended to insult, berate or denigrate anyone at all. It is an attempt by me to tell a story, to possibly resolve issues in my own life and lend a bit of inspiration to others who may have similar issues in their lives, to find solutions for their problems as well.


From Aberdeen to Seattle. 1973 to 1980.

Something I have heard time and time again, “There’s no excuse for homelessness. If you can’t find work, you’re not trying hard enough” and “There’s no excuse for homelessness. There’s plenty of work out there.” “You don’t look homeless” is a stunner for obvious reasons.

“You don’t seem to be oblivious to others’ needs or problems.” Being misinformed or uneducated about things you comment on does not hit a home run for you or your cause.

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  1. Thank you, Dennis. I hope this helps someone get squared away. The initial shock of becoming dispossessed is devastating, but after you get over that, it becomes a mission. A mission to stabilize well as help anyone in the same situation do the same along the way.
    Thanks again.


    • I want to add something.
      My journey into homelessness (I prefer ‘dispossession’) started in a single evening. My struggle to come out of it took five years. I believe in a higher power, and my guarded opinion of my struggle to ‘return’ was that I was destined to learn for those five years. Why would I say such a thing? Here it is. I tried everything I could to get back on my feet for those five years. I entered housing waiting lists, stood in line everywhere a line leading to help or relief was queued. Nothing I did was fruitful. The very last month of this journey brought forth ‘fruit’ that I never imagined existed or could be meant for me. What took one evening five years earlier, took 30 days to remedy. That ‘higher power’ deal? Yeah, I believe it, but I don’t wear it on my chest.
      Thanks again Dennis, and to all who have visited my site. I hope something you’ve read stirred something inside of you.
      God bless.


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