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This afternoon at the park I met Shakes, Little Jake, Jacques, Joy and Mariah. The grass was slightly damp from the morning rain, but I sat down anyway.

Shakes said, “Dennis, I met a friend of mine yesterday. His name is John, but I’ve always called him Tom Sawyer. I don’t know why. I told Danny that He was going to spend the night at our place. The only thing that Danny said was, ‘Just make sure that my portfolio is put in the bedroom. That’s the only thing I’m worried about.’ I gave Tom Sawyer two bus tickets and said to the bus driver, ‘I don’t have a pass.’ He said, ‘That’s okay, just take a seat.’ He even gave me an all day pass, because we had to transfer.”

I asked, “Do you always get the same bus driver?”

“No, but they’re getting to know me.”

Jake looked different for some reason. I said, “Jake, you’re looking very stylish today. Your hair looks nice, You’re wearing an orange shirt.”

“The only thing I did different today was to take a shower. Jacques gave me the shirt.”

Joy said, “There is something freaky going on at my place. I hear knocking inside the closet. My sofa keeps moving away from the wall. I talked to Stella about it yesterday. She said, ‘Maybe It’s kids playing a prank.’ I don’t think so.”

Mariah said, “It’s the house. It’s over hundred years old. I’ve had problems with a presence in my place. Sometimes cans are moved around. One time, everything on the TV was brushed to the floor. I can feel cold spots in the room. It just means that it’s time for a cleanse. I’m trying to get Charlie to leave. He smokes a lot of pot. I have to be free of all of that stuff, purify my body and clear my mind. I leave one door open. Then I meditate.  I’ll ask who is there and what do they want. Then I tell them that it’s time to leave. I think there is more than one spirit. It’ll will be quiet for a few months, then things will start happening again.

“Charlie is at the doctor’s today. He has to have a TTI (Tissue-type Imaging). They think he has some type of blood and bone marrow cancer. He’s already had his gall bladder removed.

“That’s why I had to move from New Brunswick.  I had a sunroom upstairs. It was the only room that had windows on two sides. I put my plants there, some on tables, others hanging in the window. It was like a forest in there.

“I was downstairs and I heard the sun room door slam, I didn’t think anything of it. I figured it was probably a draft, so I got rubber door stops to keep the doors open. Some months later I heard the door slam. I thought to my self, It’s winter, there can’t be any drafts. The house is sealed tight. I went up to  investigate. The door was closed and the door stop was across the room. All of the plants had fallen to the floor.

“When I was in school they thought I was some kind of whiz kid. I never took books home, never studied. When it came time for a test I knew all the answers. Sometimes I’d come into class and I’d see what they were doing. I’d ask, ‘Didn’t we do that yesterday?’ I was having deja vu.

I’m part  Mí’kmaq. Whenever I’m in the forest I hear drumming. Nobody else hears it.




12 September 2013

Flashing Lights 

It had rained this morning, so I wasn’t expecting to see Joy. A patrol car, with its lights flashing red and blue, was parked at the corner, as it was yesterday. As the crowd parted I could see Joy sitting on her box, hands holding her head.

“Hi Joy, how are you feeling today?”

“Those damned flashing lights are giving me a migraine.  I’m epileptic and flashing lights can trigger a seizure. Earlier, I started feeling woozy and fell off my box. A woman came over to help me up. I told her about the flashing lights and my epilepsy. She asked, “Do you want me to go over there and ask that they turn them off?’ I said, ‘Go for it, fill your boots!’

“I got even with Buddy yesterday.”

I asked, “Do you mean your upstairs neighbor?”

“Yeah, that’s the one. He was stomping around, as usual, so I got my transistor radio, tuned it to a really annoying Jazz station, turned the volume up full blast, then with the radio facing up I taped it to the ceiling. Then I went out.

“When I came back a few hours later he asked, ‘What’s with the noise?’ I asked him, ‘What’s with the stomping. I can play dirty too. If you want to act like an adult and walk a bit more quietly, I’ll turn off the radio.’ He was quiet for a few hours, then, at about 10:30, he was back with the stomping again, So back on with the radio.’ His girlfriend came down, I get along with her, she said, ‘The noise is really irritating upstairs and it’s right under his chair.’ I said, ‘I’d be happy to turn the music off if he’d stop stomping on my ceiling. In fact, I’d like to turn it off;  I can’t hear my television programs.’ She went back up and it was quiet for a while. Then at 1:30 he woke me up.

“I have to go pee. Do you mind waiting here with my stuff? You can keep my blanket warm.”

Rachelle stopped by. She asked, “is Joy around?”

I said, “Yes, she’s just gone for a few minutes. She’ll be back shortly. Your  name is Rachelle, isn’t it?”

“No, Michelle, and you’re Dennis , right? I just stopped to put my dollar in Joy’s cap. I’m on my way to work.”

“Sorry, I’m bad with names.”

“So am I.”

When Joy returned I said, “Michelle was here. She dropped you a dollar.”

“Who’s Michelle?”

“She’s one of your regulars. She’s pretty, with streaked blond hair. You said she prayed with you once.”

“Oh, is that her name?  Yeah, she wrote me a poem once. It was all about me being me and to be the best me I can, I was loved,  that kind of stuff. I keep getting her confused with Catherine, but she’s mulatto, kind of olive skin and black curly hair. I haven’t seen her for a long time.

Joy had a third of a roll of toilet paper under her jacket, “I’ve run out at home. It’s not like I broke in any place. it was just sitting there.”

To a woman walking by Joy said, “That’s a beautiful dress. It really suits you. ” To me she said, “I love giving out fashion advice.”

I asked, “Have you heard anything from Jake. You said he was being moved to Joyceville.”

“Yeah, he’s there for a while, then they’re going to move him. I don’t know where.. When he was at Millhaven they kept him in the hole for the first month. I guess it was because he breached his parole, by visiting me. I don’t know. He says he wants to go to his mother prison, that’s Collins Bay. He’s only got ninety days left. By the time they get through all the paper work, he’ll be ready to be released.

“Ontario has about eight prisons, most are in Kingston. I was in P4W (Prison For Women), but they tore that down. It was all mouldy inside. The bricks were deteriorating. It’s a good thing they tore it down.”

Girl on the Street

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This is a beautiful poem that is very heartfelt. ~ Dennis

Inky Cat's Poems

Hi to any readers! I’ve been thinking about all those people living on the street, now that the weather here in England has turned cold and snowy. This poem is for them.

I’m holding a mirror
to the girl on the street.
What’s your name she asks
the glass and who
knocked you low?

She offers her cup
says I’ll tell you a
secret- look here
a diamond tear
among the coins
they throw.

You’ve a wool hat
like mine and golden curls
rough, a sweet smile –
a deer’s breath in snow.

She leaves the cup there
and the next day
it snows.

No one knows where
she’s gone folded
into the fog
another diamond
laying low.

In the glass I find
a cup full of the blues
and a secret that I keep
from the angel on the street.

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