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28 October 2013

This morning Chuck Senior was on his usual corner, in his wheel chair, with his dog Taffy (a Pomeranian mix) wrapped in a blanket, on his lap.  He said to me, “Today’s been a complete waste of time. ”

I said, “I’ve heard that Monday’s are always bad.”

“It’s not that, a woman was mad at me on Friday. She brought a bag full of canned dog food for Taffy. She said to me. ‘You weren’t here. I had to lug that bag of cans home with me on the bus.’ Well, I was here. I may have left for a few minutes to go to the bathroom, but I was here all morning. I thought that same lady would come by this morning, but she hasn’t shown. I came here in the rain. I’m feeling sick. I had bouts of diarrhea all night. Because of my heart attacks I take these water pills for my heart. That makes me pee a lot. So with that and the diarrhea I was up most of the night. What I really wanted to do this morning was to just stay in bed. I’ve made hardly anything and that lady hasn’t shown up. I’m getting pissed off”

19 October 2012

This morning Metro said to me, “Good morning, Dennis. Joy’s here. Have a good weekend.”

“Thanks, Metro, you too.”

Joy had been talking to the garbage man, in his early twenties, handsome, in fact she’d often say, ‘Hi, Handsome, how’s your day going?’ He only handles the recycled paper, he can’t take the smell of the other trash. I waved at him.

“So, how long are you working today?” she asked him.

“It depends on how fast I work. I could finish at two, if I ran at every stop. I’d be exhausted. If I take it easy, it takes a couple of hours more.”

“Have a good day, Sunshine!” Mo shouted as the truck pulled away. He gave us a wave.

As I approached, Joy stood up from her storage box, a folded blanket on top, “I’m glad you came — I have to pee. I can’t go into the pizza place, because the guy is there who gives me dirty looks. I’ll go to the library, instead. Have a seat, it’s warm.”

Joy returned shortly after. I said, “So how was everything, yesterday, after I left?”

“It was fairly quiet. The cops were around a couple of times, McDuff and Sarazin came first. After that two bicycle cops rode up. I said, ‘You’re too late. Your friends already got us to pour out our booze. We got nothing here you can give us a ticket for. Sorry.’ Menard, the big guy with the tattoos said, ‘Joy, why is it you always know what’s going on?’ I said, ‘It’s because I pay attention.’ I’m also one of the few people who’s never been caught with booze. I always make sure it’s in my bag, and the male cops aren’t allowed to search it.’

“Yesterday, I’d collected hardly anything. A big lady stopped to chat and stood right in front of me. I kept wishing she’d step to the side, in case anyone wanted to make a drop. She left and then came back about twenty minutes later. I said to her, ‘It’s been a really bad day and I’m five dollars short, to buy a box of tampons.’ The lady pulled out her wallet and it was stuffed with bills. I saw a five, but beside it was a wad of twenties. I kept hoping, and thinking to my self, Come on green, come on green. (Canadian twenty-dollar bills are green, fives are blue.) Sure enough, she handed me a twenty.

“Last night, after Chester came back from Rodent’s, he opened the fridge and saw half a double sausage, double cheese sandwich that I’d bought at Tim Horton’s. He said, ‘Is that my supper?’ I said, ‘No, Chester, that’s my supper. You can eat whatever you want.’ He said, ‘But, I paid ten percent on the hydro bill.’ I said, Chester, ‘I gave you a hundred and sixty dollars to pay the full bill. You spent the money on beer.’ I had some bologna stashed away, but he always finds things I’ve hidden — so that’s gone.’

I said, “Chester can always pan handle, or is that beneath his dignity?”

“He talks about pan handling, but he’s never done it. Did you see the expression on Little Jake’s face, when Chester said he might take over Silver’s spot? Jake was livid!”

I asked, “Do you think that Jake will take over Silver’s spot?”

“I can’t figure that out. Jake keeps saying that if he gets caught panhandling he’ll go to jail. I thought that was all cleared up, when he went to court on the twelfth.”

I said, “Well, I have to get to work.”

“Will I see you at noon?”

“If it’s not raining, otherwise I’ll be going for a haircut. I go to Elgin Barbers, because they still have that revolving barber pole — It just seems right.”