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heart of clouds

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And now for something entirely different. My posts usually lean toward bleakness, but now I offer hope. I’ve just read a children’s book entitled “heart of clouds”.  It’s written by Adrienne Wilson aka Valentine Bonnaire, who also has a  Master of Arts degree in Counseling/Depth Psychology.  I  found it fascinating to read, magical,  inspiring and full of hope. This is a book our children should read. You can read it here:

From Adrienne Wilson:

Heart of Clouds is the story of a girl named Teenie Alexander.  I’m writing a series of books about the way she grew up in a little town by the edge of the sea.  In the first book she meets her first crush Devlin Underwood, and a magic sea turtle named Tut.  You can read the book in this blog, and I hope you like it.  I do, very much — because it’s like the kind of books that I grew up with.  When times were beautiful and gentle.  I plan to take it with me this year to the wonderful Writer’s Conference I go to.

I wrote this first novel in NaNoWiMo in 2009 and won!

Please pass my book to everyone you know? All my training as a therapist went into this simple, simple children’s book. It’s about this, but way, way more. I wrote it after reading Margaret Atwood‘s The Year of the Flood. I wrote it to cure. It isn’t fan fic? It’s mine, but The Wave was that flood. Only 229 pages or so, easy, easy reading and has great heroes in it. 

This year, she will be 14 and a half in the next novel in this series “The Seaheart.”

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