Hit By A Car – 18 January 2013

Posted: January 8, 2014 in Dialog, Prose
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18 January 2013

Friday night, on the bus,  I heard a commotion at the front. There were people standing in front of me so I couldn’t see what was happening. I heard, “Jesus Christ, can’t you give a guy a break. He’s been hit by a car and just wants to get home. He doesn’t have any money.”

The mood settled down and gradually people exited the bus; to my surprise, sitting across from me were Little Jake and Shakes. We greeted each other, then Shakes said, “Dennis, did you hear what happened to me? Last Wednesday night I was hit by a car at the corner of Merivale and Moriset. The woman driving said she didn’t see me. The piggies drove past and didn’t even stop.”

Jake said, “Shakes, you were dressed in black with your hood pulled over your head. That’s probably the reason she didn’t see you.”

I asked Shakes, “Did you go to the hospital, or see a doctor?”

Jake said, “No, Shakes doesn’t like hospitals or doctors, but you should see his knee, it’s swollen like a grapefruit.”

I said, “Maybe he needs a brace for his knee or crutches.”

Jake said, “He doesn’t want that, he’d rather lean on me. By the way have you heard from Joy?”

“I went to see her in hospital before Christmas. She seemed okay, I pushed her in her wheelchair downstairs so she could go for a smoke. I know she has issues about staying alone, especially without furniture.”

Jake said, “I have issues about staying alone. I trashed my apartment last week. I went to see Jenny, my worker, and she’s going to send a cleaning team Monday morning. She’s really great. They’re going to bring mops and buckets and cleaning supplies. I told her she didn’t have to do that. I’ll have the place cleaned by Sunday, but she wouldn’t listen. She’s arranged for me to see a doctor as well. I’m going to be going to the General Hospital, where Joy is. I know she doesn’t like people to just drop by on her, but if I have a reason to be there, it should be okay.”

“Jake, do you have your furniture yet?”

“No, I was supposed to contact Jenny the first week of January, but I just wasn’t up to it. I don’t have a phone, so she wasn’t able to contact me. I’ve still just got the bed and the air conditioner, still in its box that I sit on. I don’t have any money, except for a few tim Horton cards. I go there, have a coffee and watch TV. I pick up butts, that’s all I have to smoke.”

Shakes had his head on his knees and his eyes closed. I said to Jake, “Is Shakes asleep?”

Shakes opened his eyes, “I’m not asleep, it’s just that I’m in pain because of my knee.”

I said, “I’ve been to the park a few times, but nobody has been there except for Magdalene. I talked to her one day. I’ve had a cold, so I haven’t been going out much at noon. I heard that André has an apartment now.”

Jake said, I haven’t seen anybody since before Christmas. The last time I saw André, he was bumming off us. We didn’t part on very good terms.”

Their bus stop was coming up, so Jake said, “Come on Shakes, let me help you up. We have to get off soon.” Shakes put his arm around Jake and they hobbled off the bus. I was surprised at how much I had missed them.


  1. Could you clarify the dates on your posts? Is this from 2013 or is it new? Thanks.


  2. Glad Shakes was okay.


  3. Therapisttee says:

    Just goes to show you how “invisible” the homeless population is. It shouldn’t be this way, but in our self-centered world, it is.


  4. I’m so glad at least some of your friends have found shelter, but really troubled to hear about the car accident. Is Joy going to be OK?


  5. marieabanga says:

    Thanks for sharing Dennis, cheers to your endeavours


    • Hi Marie, thanks for your kind words. I enjoyed reading your “MEN’S CORNER”. Dennis


      • marieabanga says:

        Hi Dennis,

        Thanks for stopping by. I do read each and every one of your posts and I enjoy them if we could say such.

        You know I worked with street kids, prisoners, prostitutes and even ‘mad people’ and I can feel some in your writings. Those people are most often very different from what society makes of them.

        Cheers in your work.



  6. Angela Grant says:

    Your story does not surprise. When I lived in Boston, I noticed an uncomfortable increase in the number homeless children. Sometimes I observed from a distance. I recall one evening feeling like I was part of that community as I watched the camaraderie of young folks spreading the word on the streets as to where they could get free hamburger and free ice cream–a meal.


  7. People do not realize that Jesus has millions of doors to come into other’s lives and those doors are us…. bad things happen even to good people, we live in a fallen world and everyone is trying to t by, busy people often distracted by their own pain drive all over everyday, some aware of others some not…. I wish you the best, I love your stories. See you around, “in the same corner!” 🙂


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