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Label Me #BlackAndProud

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This is a disturbing post that emphasizes our need to spread love and

understanding with all our fellow humans. Only by 

doing this, will our species survive and prosper.

Love ~ Dennis



Sometime last week, I was having a great morning.. checking my messages, Facebook, Twitter, name all of it. Moving onto my Instagram,  I see a favorite male celebrity of mine had updated and posted an amazingly beautiful picture and being a loyal fan that I am, I go on to comment 😁. Minutes later I see I got a mention from a “white racist” telling me and other fellow blacks he could find on the comment feed to go and die. Yup That’s right.. no jokes even. He goes on to say “now that slavery is over I can go back to my country” . And I’m just like What The Heck?? This was a good morning uno, Lol and now I still can’t fathom Why there are white racists? Someone please shed some light on the whole idea behind that cause it doesn’t make any type of sense to…

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