Label Me #BlackAndProud

Posted: February 25, 2014 in Uncategorized


This is a disturbing post that emphasizes our need to spread love and

understanding with all our fellow humans. Only by 

doing this, will our species survive and prosper.

Love ~ Dennis



Sometime last week, I was having a great morning.. checking my messages, Facebook, Twitter, name all of it. Moving onto my Instagram,  I see a favorite male celebrity of mine had updated and posted an amazingly beautiful picture and being a loyal fan that I am, I go on to comment 😁. Minutes later I see I got a mention from a “white racist” telling me and other fellow blacks he could find on the comment feed to go and die. Yup That’s right.. no jokes even. He goes on to say “now that slavery is over I can go back to my country” . And I’m just like What The Heck?? This was a good morning uno, Lol and now I still can’t fathom Why there are white racists? Someone please shed some light on the whole idea behind that cause it doesn’t make any type of sense to…

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  1. D. James Fortescue says:

    Such pointless venom being spat out into the world just makes you shake your head =(


  2. It’s unconscionable, pure unadulterated hate. And why? As D. James Fortescue said, it’s “pointless venom”. I just do not understand people like that.


  3. calmgirl06 says:

    Sad that these cowards think it’s acceptable to say things like that in this day and age.


  4. It’s so heartfelt! I’m from India … I also faced this while using a social networking site…but I know God created us all! He designed us! And He never create a bad thing or junk!


  5. jovisgoes says:

    Being at odds with each other is perverse enough, disliking someone because of their skin colour is obscene. If we could eradicate racism, and get rid of guns, just imagine how rich the world and it’s people would be. Poverty could become a thing of the past. #HumanAndProud


    • May we see Universal Peace and Human Equality in our lifetime. ~ Dennis


      • jovisgoes says:

        Amen to that Dennis, amen to that.

        We’re not born hating people, hatred and racism are only possible because there is so much of it around and to be honest I’ve never quite understood why. I’ve never hated anyone in my life, I like to think that makes me normal.

        You keep up the good work Dennis.


  6. writeejit says:

    Thanks for reblogging this and focusing the spotlight into those dank, dark corners that still exist in this country. Soon, hopefully, those rats will have no where to hide.


  7. I know it happens all the time but it’s still unbelievable. So sad too, that so much energy is going into hatred instead of cooperation and understanding.


  8. My being Polish, Irish, Filipino, English and Austrian– I’d have a hard time going back anywhere. Seriously– it all begins with our elders at home and how they teach us. But it’s up to us to decide… to choose. I wish us all to get along. Thanx for the post, Dennis.


  9. The internet has so many wonderful things, such as being able to blog. Sadly, it also gives cowards a chance to hide behind a masked screen of anonymity as they “spit venom” and degrade. I agree with you Dennis. I do not understand hate, and I am glad I do not understand hate. Honestly the best thing I can do is pray for them because I do not want my “vessel” to be filled with acid. I do not wish to be destroyed by the anger and bitterness of others. So praying for them is the only way I can continue to “spread the love.”


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