Followup: Loretta Saunders Murder

Posted: March 8, 2014 in Prose
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Holly Jarrett

Petition by

Holly Jarrett

Cornwall, Canada

Call a public inquiry into hundreds of missing and murdered Aboriginal women like my cousin Loretta Saunders


8 March 2013


Today, while my family lays Loretta’s body to rest in Labrador, millions around the world are marking International Women’s Day, a day to honour achievements of women and re-commit to all the work that still needs to be done. It’s a painful and also a powerful day to remember and honour my cousin.

On Thursday the federal Special Committee on Violence Against Indigenous Women tabled a shameful report that pretends there is no problem and says there should be no inquiry. It’s a slap in the face for our family and the families of all other missing and murdered Aboriginal women. It’s also motivation to work harder.

As we grieve and celebrate Loretta’s life today, please hold our family in your thoughts, and help us complete her work by spreading the call for a public inquiry into the deaths and disappearances of Aboriginal women across Canada. 

Please ask your friends to add their voices to my petition by forwarding the email below.

Our call for public inquiry into the over 800 cases of murdered and missing Aboriginal women is growing and will only get louder. Minister for the Status of Women Kellie Leitch must understand this.

Over 100,000 have signed my petition. 23,000 have signed the Native Women’s Association of Canada’s petition that they delivered the day Loretta went missing. Premiers across the country, federal NDP opposition critics Niki Ashton and Jean Crowder, as well as Liberal critic Carolyn Bennett, every political party leader in Nova Scotia, and the UN Special Rapporteur for Indigenous Issues have all said a public inquiry is needed. It’s only a matter of time.

This morning, I had a grounding phone conversation with Loretta’s thesis supervisor Darryl Leroux, the person who was closest to Loretta’s work. He told me he believed Loretta would fully support our current efforts to have this subject brought to light for indigenous women.

Please forward the message below to your friends and help us build a powerful call to action for aboriginal women that the Government cannot ignore. 

Thank you,

Holly Jarrett



I’m supporting this petition started by Loretta Saunders’ cousin Holly Jarrett calling for a national public inquiry into the deaths and disappearances of over 800 Aboriginal women in Canada.

Loretta was a 26 year old Inuit woman who was writing her university honours thesis on missing and murdered Aboriginal women when tragically, last month, she was added to that list. She went missing on February 13th and her body was found last week.

Holly has committed to completing Loretta’s work for justice for aboriginal women and now over 100,000 have signed her petition. Several Provincial Premiers, all three political party leader in Nova Scotia, and the UN Special Rapporteur for Indigenous Issues have all said a public inquiry is needed.

Will you sign?

  1. Wow. This is crazy. Clearly there’s a huge issue.


    • Yes, this is a huge issue. How it has escalated to these proportions is unbelievable. This has directly affected some of my closest friends. Unfortunately, they have no influence on government, and government pretends there is no problem. It’s not their daughters found dead, lying beside a highway. ~ Dennis


      • I just can’t imagine how it can happen to so many women and go ignored. That’s a big slap in the face and very sad. It’s interesting that they are being killed and left to be found, versus going missing for good. Someone is sending a message. Gonna read more about this.


  2. Dennis,
    My heart reaches out to you. I lost my partner three weeks ago, she died on our anniversary. I hold all of your family very close during my prayers and meditation. I will, also, go to the petition and include my name.
    Wishing you peace,


  3. Dear Cathy, my sincere condolences on the loss of your partner. Thanks for your kind words. Peace to all our sisters and brothers around the world. ~ Love, Dennis


  4. Could you as parents raise money to hire detective or psychic to find this person who is doing all these crimes. My heart aches for you and your love one. Are there autopsy reports to see are they made public. So you can see the comparison of all these women. My prayers are with you. May the Lord guide your path.


    • It all comes down to racism. Indigenous children have been taken from their families and forced into a residential shool system where they were punished for speaking their own language. They live in substandard housing and have little opportunity to attend university, or to acquire employable skills. Canada bears the shame for this. ~ Dennis


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