Stolen Tickets – 27 March 2014

Posted: March 27, 2014 in Prose
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27 March 2014

With the temperature at minus sixteen, I didn’t expect to see any of my friends outside, but Chuck Senior was at his usual corner.

“Hi Chuck, I didn’t expect to see you this morning.”

“Well, it may be raining tomorrow, so this may be my last chance for a while.”

“How are you and Goldie?”

“Goldie’s fine, I’m not so good though. Remember, I told you about what happened at the Air Canada Centre, where my walker got broken, and the cops wouldn’t let the cab driver pick me up? That still pisses me off! Anyway, I told you that I phoned the Centre and they said they’d send me two tickets, one for me and one for my daughter. Well, the tickets arrived in the mail all right. I put them in the dish where I keep my Disability Transport pass. I invited my daughter to come to the game with me. Will sir, I looked this morning and they were gone.”

I said, “That’s terrible, Chuck, after all you went through to get those tickets, and now to have them stolen. Who has access to your apartment?”

“A number of people do. My superintendent, my cleaning lady, my daughter — she wouldn’t have taken them ’cause she’d be going to the game, anyway –my son, but he doesn’t like hockey. I trust my cleaning lady. She’s been with me for years. She was in a few days ago. I noticed that the tickets had been moved to the coffee table. I guess when she was dusting. Things get moved around a bit, but I’ve never had anything stolen.

“I didn’t sleep so good last night; thinking about the tickets, and I ate some things I shouldn’t have.”

I asked, “Like what?”

“Well, I bought some of that Montreal style… What is it?”

“Montreal style smoked meat.”

“Yeah,  that’s what it was. It’s way to salty for me. Anyway, I had it in a big sandwich with fries. For supper I fried an egg, and  had some of the smoked meat, with toast. My stomach was rumbling all night.

“I’ll be okay tomorrow. I’ll eat lots of spinach and fresh vegetables. That should fix me up.

“The arthritis in my hands is acting up. I can hardly move my fingers.

“I’m going to look around for those tickets. I may have put them somewhere else. I’m going to contact some people. If all else fails, I’ll phone the Air Canada Centre. If someone uses those tickets, they’ll be informed that they were stolen, and they’ll be thrown out of the game.

I said, “Well, Chuck, I wish you all the best with that. I hope you get your tickets back. Perhaps, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“They’re forecasting rain for later on, so I don’t know. I usually wake up at about one thirty in the morning, anyway. If it looks like rain, I’ll take Goldie for her walk then, so I don’t have to take her when the rain is heavy. Each morning I walk outside. If the weather’s lousy, I go back to bed, stay where it’s cozy until I’m ready to get up. That’s what I’ve been doing most mornings.”



  1. bwcarey says:

    fine story, you write it well, amen


  2. kennymack2 says:

    Please say hello to Chuck for me. I feel like it is I who know him and you are the person reading this morning’s encounter. Thanks for the vicarious moments.


  3. I was hoping the story didn’t end yet.


  4. jovisgoes says:

    sounds like the landlord did it…again. good work Dennis


  5. Elouise says:

    You have a wonderful gift for listening. Chuck is blessed.


  6. evanpoole says:

    I like how this reads almost like a movie. However, did I miss the ending eating my popcorn?


    • There is no ending, it continues day after day; some good some bad. When I began, I thought that I would find answers to the problem of homelessness, but I have only found more questions. Your post “THE SPIRIT OF FEAR” read almost like a movie. I’m glad that it had a happy ending. ~ Dennis


  7. vwoods1212 says:

    We all got the small and major things which mess up our entire day. VW


  8. tt4r says:

    Thanks Chuck, and thank you Dennis.


  9. Hi Dennis!
    Sorry to hear about your friend’s stolen tickets & other mishaps. I am there with him as I was in the cold as a homeless person for 2.5 years outside & inside while getting my disability too. I don’t always feel good, but am really taking my health & my blog on health seriously now. I have been getting better & have to take bigger doses of this & that to balance my body out in order for me to overcome my health issues too. I hope Chuck can get those tickets found & will be praying for him that he finds them before the game. I hope there is nobody that uses them as I have found that I have lost debit cards that had money on them that were lost too. I had to retrace my steps a lot because I have memory problems & if I can’t trust myself, there is no way I trust others either. Thanks for following my blog(s) as I am trying to find new things that will help others in their health or in daily living.


    • Hi Rodney, Thanks for commenting about the years you were homeless. I enjoy your blog, especially your post “Active or Inactive”. It contains very helpful advice. ~ Dennis


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