Your Friend is Back – 6 May 2014

Posted: May 6, 2014 in Dialog, Prose
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“As I was crossing at the walk light I heard, “Dennis, your friend is back!”

“Thanks, Grant! Have a great day!”

As I approached Joy she said, “Hi sweetie, did you miss me?”

“Of course I missed you. How are you feeling?”

“I’m better now. I’ve had pneumonia for the past two and a half months. I didn’t want to go to hospital for fear they’e keep me. I’ve just been staying around home.”

“I said, “Mariah has been keeping me up to date on your condition.”

“Yeah, I know. One day I was talking to you on the phone. Have you been to the park since?”

“Yeah, I was there Thursday, Jacques, Mariah, Loretta, Wolf and Scruffy were there.

“That reminds me, Loretta has been dropping in unannounced lately. That’s gotta stop. Now I recognize her knock, so I just don’t answer. It’s amazing how you can recognize a knock after a while.

“I don’t see Big Jake much. He’s up to something at the Salvation Army. It use to be that I couldn’t get two words out of him, now he won’t shut up. His pupils are dilated; I think he’s smoking crack. He’s got this friend over there who is smashing cocaine. He want’s to bring him over for supper. I said, ‘No way! I’m not having anyone over here who’s using, that includes YOU!’

“Have you got a few minutes? I have to go to the bathroom. Can you watch my stuff. The cushion is warm.”

I said, “Sure.” I kept wondering when somebody would stop to ask my story. I’m wearing designer glasses, a leather jacket and my shoes are shined.

Joy returned with Kenny on his bicycle.

Kenny said, “Hi Dennis! I haven’t seen you since October.”

“Hi, Kenny, how’s it going?”

“Okay, I sometimes pan at the church up the street. I do okay.”

I asked, “Is that the church where Silver used to pan?”

“Yeah it is, the same one.  My brother Lenny saw Andre the other day. They live in the same building. They’re both really messed up.”

Joy said, “You got a brother named Lenny? Kenny and Lenny, that’s original.”

I asked, “Do I know Lenny?”

Joy said, “You may have met him. I don’t know.”

Kenny said, “My brother has a disability pension of four hundred a month. Working part time, he brings in another two hundred. Yesterday was payday and today he’s hounding me  for the ten bucks I owe him. Something’s not right. There’s someone his floor, Erica, who sells crack. Every time he or Andre get any money they head straight there.

“My guitar is over there. I haven’t picked it up because because his apartment has cock roaches. They’re probably in my guitar. I’ll wait until a warm day when I can leave it our in the sun. They don’t like the heat.”

Joy said, “I’m waiting to see Chuck Senior; want to find out about the rumors he’s been spreading, about me being stabbed.

“I don’t know if I’m going to the park today. Are you going?”

“Yeah, I’ll be there. Maybe I’ll see you both there. Take care.”


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