Turtle – 21 May 2014

Posted: May 21, 2014 in Dialog, Prose
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21 May 2014

Joy was laughing when I came to visit. “What’s so funny?” I asked.

“Nothing, I’ve just been sitting here howling.”

“Is it because you have your wolf sweatshirt on?”

“No,” said Joy, “I’m just nuts. I had to chase Turtle away this morning.”

“Who’s Turtle?”

“He’s the black guy in the wheelchair. He parked himself in front of Tim Horton’s. That wasn’t going to happen, to I told him to get the fuck away from me. I’m not having him cut my grass. He crossed the street and set up there. Chuck looked at me, with his hands out, as if to say, What the fuck!  I pointed right back at him, It’s your problem. You deal with it. The security guard was laughing his head off. 

I said, “I thought the black guy in the wheelchair was called Buddy.”

“No, I’ve always called him Turtle. I don’t know where I came up with the name. He just looks like a turtle, leaning forward with his head sticking out. Apart from him, everybody’s happy in Whoville.

“When Jake and I left the park yesterday, to take the bus home, it took us an hour and a half. There was some kind of construction going on. A backhoe was in the middle of the street. Still, it shouldn’t have taken that long. Kids were crying, parents were yelling. It wasn’t the fault of the kids. They didn’t understand the situation. They just wanted to get home. It wasn’t a fun ride.”

“My six o’clock bus was late as well. It was probably because of the same road block. Little Jake stopped by while I was waiting for my bus. He was looking for Shakes. He said he hadn’t seen him for a couple of days. Then late last night Shakes pounded on his door. Jake said he was looking pretty rough, like he hadn’t slept for a couple of days.  Jake left his place open, just in case.”

Joy said, “Shakes has been staying at Blaine’s place for the last couple of days. But that’s Shakes — wherever he falls asleep, that’s where he spends the night.”

I asked, “Do I know Blaine?”

“You must have seen him around. Native guy, grody looking —  like he doesn’t bathe. He looks kinda like Shakes, which is scary in itself. They were really hitting the Sherry. Just while I was there, I saw them put away three bottles. Darlene was there too. She’s the one that told Wolf he should have Shaggy put down. Maybe he should. At least Shaggy should retire, but she’s Wolf’s bread and butter.”

I said, “She’s also his best friend.”

“That’s true.

“I haven’t been sleeping too well lately myself. Big Jake has the bed bent way out of shape. I’ve just got one corner where I can snuggle.  That’s not the best position to be in all night. He’s also broken the futon. I got books supporting it in the center. I find it too hard anyway, so I put a sleeping bag and a bunch of other blankets under the bottom sheet, to make it softer.

“Are you going to be at the park at noon? It’s Stella’s day to be there. I think she’s got some stuff for me.”

I said, The weather should be nice. I’ll probably be there.”

On my way to work I stopped briefly to see Chuck. His daughter-in-law Karen arrived at the same time. She said, “This is your lucky day, Chuck. You get two at once.”

Chuck said, “You, I’ll give a kiss to. He can kiss my arse.”


  1. bwcarey says:

    you got talent, story is very engaging, keep it going, blessings


  2. Allison W. says:

    I want to thank you for sharing all these posts. They are very illuminating. The most interaction I’ve had with homeless people are giving them some food or telling them I can’t give them any money. I think what you are doing is admirable. Please keep it up!


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