Books – 27 May 2014

Posted: May 27, 2014 in Dialog, Prose
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27 May 2014

I folded my jacket, as a cushion, then sat with the crew at the park.

 “Dennis,” said Wolf, just the man I wanted to see. Look at what my ladies — I’m not supposed to call them ladies. Look what my women — that doesn’t sound right either, anyway. There was a book sale at the school where this woman’s daughter attends. People bring books, other people buy them, money goes to the school. She knows what kind of books I read so she picked out seven that she thought I’d like. There are two Robert Ludlum, I may or may not have read them. Anyway, I’ll put them at the end of my shelf where I’ve got his other books. There’s an English detective novel — I’ll have to be in the right frame of mind to read that. They’re sometimes kind of slow. They develop the character –I get a bit impatient if there’s no action. Have a look in this bag. Tell me what you think. You’re welcome to borrow one, but I get first pick.  I have to go for a piss.

“Hi Mariah,” I said, how have you been since I saw you last?

“Well, so so. I got a few things done. My air conditioner is in now. Frank is working on my laptop. It has ten gigs now, he wants to replace that with sixty. He cleaned up my hard drive, installed Office and a few other programs. When I get it back it should be just like new.”

Joy said, “I was talking to Butcher this morning. He’s out to get Jake for what he did to me. I tried to talk  him out of it, but this time he’s got his mind set.  He’s stubborn. All the time Jake spent in prison was for times he beat me.

“I told Jake, “When you get your hip operation, don’t expect me to be there… ‘ Well, I said I’d be there, so I guess I will’. I said, ‘Don’t get too used to that wheel chair, or we’re over. Have your operation, get on your feet then we’ll see what happens. I don’t let him pee standing up, but even when he sits down he manages to get pee on the floor.”

Mariah said, “When he’s at my place, I have to clean up after him.”

Jay said, “He’s such a slob. He really gets me going when I find a pile of his laundry at the end of the couch. I told him this morning. ‘I bring you clean clothes, the least you could do is put your dirty ones in the hamper.’ It pisses me off, and starts my day off wrong.”

Wolf returned, “Dennis, I was just showing Jacques an article in the paper. There was this kid who shot someone, then he takes the gun apart and leaves it in a mall parking lot. How stupid do you have to be to do something like that.? Of course they caught the guy, he may as well have drawn the police a diagram. What is it with these kids now, they got their video games, they’re texting each other all the time. The cops even stop them for texting while they’re driving. Can you imagine that.

“There was a driver convicted of striking and injuring five cyclists and leaving the scene of the crash. Hitting one cyclist, I can understand, sometimes they’re hard to see, but five?

“Another thing, those bicycles that are low to the ground, you’ve seen them, the pedals are higher than the seat. What’s with that? Are they trying to make themselves invisible,  so they’ll get run over? Anyway, that’s all I got to say about that.”

“Hippo, ” I asked, “how is everything going at your place. Are you still having trouble?”

“It’s okay, I just ignore them. They still run up and down the stairs.”

Joy said, “Look at Shaggy, isn’t she sweet, with her nose sticking out between the spokes of the cart? I don’t know what it is. That dog has never liked me. With Bear it was different. Even before I started to have symptoms of my kidney failure, she’d hang around me, put her head on my knee.  I was still peeing, but she seemed to sense that something was wrong. A week later I was laying on the floor dialing 911.”


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