Loretta Saunders Murder

Posted: May 31, 2014 in Prose
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Thanks to all of you, my petition for a public inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women has crossed the 300,000 signature mark!! This is the largest show of public support EVER on this issue!

The Federal Government’s stance that a public inquiry is not needed is looking weaker and weaker by the day. Several weeks ago we learned that the RCMP have documented 1186 cases of aboriginal women being murdered or going missing — way higher than anyone previously thought. Following that James Anaya, the UN Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, published a report slamming the Canadian Government for inaction and calling on them to launch a “comprehensive, national inquiry” into the issue of why aboriginal women and girls are vulnerable to abuse.

And of course rallies and vigils are being held almost daily across the country and the media coverage is not letting up. Justice for our women feels close!

The Federal Government is doing their best to ignore our calls, so it’s our job to make sure the pressure is relentless and that those in power like Justice Minister Peter Mackay, Status of Women Minister Kellie Leitch, and of course Prime Minister Harper are confronted daily by this tragedy and the need for them to call a public inquiry immediately.

Will you help me reach 350,000 signatures by forwarding the email below to your friends and asking them to sign my petition?

Thank you,

Holly Jarrett


Here’s a message you could adapt and email to your friends:


I’m supporting this petition started by Loretta Saunders’ cousin Holly Jarrett calling for a national inquiry into the deaths and disappearances of over 1186 Aboriginal women in Canada. 

Loretta was a 26 year old Inuit woman who was writing her university honours thesis on missing and murdered Aboriginal women when tragically, in February, she was added to that list. 

Over 300,000 have signed Holly’s petition. All provincial premiers, federal opposition party leaders and the UN Special Rapporteur for Indigenous Issues have said a public inquiry is needed. 

Will you sign? www.change.org/AmINext



  1. I signed this a long time ago but will share this post on my 3 blogs.


  2. Sunshine says:

    Thank you for posting this and if ok, I am reblogging!


  3. Sunshine says:

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    Please read! Over a thousand women are missing and nothing is being done.


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    No one should be ignored or forgotten.


  6. drew delaney says:

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    Please help us reach a million signatures. If it was your sister who went missing and found murdered, would you want help to find the murderers?


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    Why is the Canadian gov’t so blase about the deaths or disappearances of indigenous women?


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