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2 June 2014

“Good morning, Chuck, as you can see I’m running late.”

“Yeah, I looked at my watch a few minutes ago and thought, I guess he’s not coming today.

“Well, today is the day of reckoning. They’re coming to pickup my wheelchair. I left a message saying I wouldn’t be home until after two. I hope they got it. I also told them who I don’t want coming over — that asshole who called me a liar and a fool in my own home.

“That’s good news.”

“They say they’ll fix it, but they wont.  What I ordered, and what I had before was a Quantum 6000. What they gave me was a Quantum 1402, also called a Quickie. There’s a big difference. When social services asked me why I accepted it, I said, ‘They had me in a room at the back, I had no way to get home. They forced me.’ I need that wheelchair. I had that first chair four years before it finally wore out. They replaced it with a Quickie. They just changed the rear wheels so it would look like a 6000. I can recognize a Quickie from across the street. Before mine was replaced I’d talked to people who had Quickies. They told me they were a pile of crap.  I knew it when I first saw it. Look at this hand control. See, how loose it is? The repairman said that I had been forcing it too hard. I never do that. It just takes a slight pressure with my thumb. It’s just like firing a pistol. Have you ever fired a pistol?”

“Yes, I have.”

“Then you know how it feels. It’s just a gentle squeeze, not a pull. The rest of the problems are underneath. I’ve told them from the first about the rear wheel not working properly. If  I try to climb a curb with the bad wheel I’ll get thrown right into the street — Of course that’s going to cause some damage, but it’s not my fault.

“I’m still working towards that electric car. It’s really just an enclosed scooter, but it will make all the difference to me. The guy I’ve been talking to said I could put down a lump sum then pay forty-five dollars a month. I told him that I wouldn’t be able to make payments in the winter. He said, “That’s alright.” When I die he’ll take the scooter and sell it for whatever he can.”

I said, “That sounds just like a lease arrangement. That sounds good.

“Take care, Chuck. I have to go.”