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11 June 2014

More uncertain weather. When I approached Metro he said, “Joy’s up there.”

“Thanks Metro, Have a good day. Stay out of the rain.” He waved and nodded his head.

“Hi Sunshine,” said, Joy.

“Hi,” I said, “Mariah told me that you’ve been having trouble with your legs and may have to go to hospital again.”

“Yeah, my ankles are still swollen, but they’re better than yesterday. Big Jake’s coming down later. He’s having more trouble with his wheelchair. He’s thinking it’s maybe the crazy guy upstairs. He’s had two flat tires in two weeks. That’s not right.”

I said, “Chuck’s been having problems with his chair. Has he told you?”

“Yeah, he’s always whining about something.

“I told Jake to chain his chair in front of the window, so he can keep an eye on it.”

I asked, “Do you mean at the Sally, or at your place?”

“My place. He’s out drinking with the boys now –as long as he keeps away from me, I don’t care.

“Did you hear that Willard is coming after Jake? I don’t know what that’s about. Willard is Raven’s boyfriend. Do you know him? Anyway, I thought everything was cool. Last week I grabbed Raven by the throat and told her to get out of my fuckin’ sight, for stealing money from Albert. That’s what she does, she gets guys drunk —  doing whatever it is that she does  — then goes for their wallets. Willard does the same thing behind the Mission. He’ll sit with a guy, bum a few beers. When the guy runs out he beats the shit out of him for the change he has in his pockets.

Raven said, ‘Willard wants to meet with Frank.’  I said, “We know where he hangs out. We’ll be there. I may just punch out Willard myself. He’s a wife beater, but he hasn’t come up against a someone like me before. I don’t punch like a woman.”

I looked at my watch. Joy said, “I guess it’s getting that time again. I’m getting out of here anyway. Will I see you at the park?”

“No, not today. I have a doctor’s appointment. I’ll catch you tomorrow.”

“Okay, until tomorrow. Here’s a banana. Do you want it?”

“Sure, lots of potassium.  I’ll see you tomorrow.”

On my way to work I just had a minute to say hello to Chuck, “I’m running late, but I wanted to stop and say hello.”

“Hang on a minute, I got a joke for you. You have to have a dirty mind for this. It’s from an actual commercial on the radio. This woman, with a sexy voice asks, ‘Do you have leakage down below? If so, call the Crack Doctor at such and such a phone number.’ I swear that’s what I heard on the radio. I may have gotten the words mixed up, but that’s basically it. Do you get it?”

“Yes, I get it, Chuck.”

“I won’t keep you. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“I’ll see you, Chuck.”