I Am The Eagle!! – 9 July 2014

Posted: July 9, 2014 in Dialog, Prose
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9 July 2014

I asked Wolf, “Did you attend Shakes’ funeral on Monday?”

“No, I didn’t. I worked that morning, three hours in the pouring rain. Shaggy jumped out of her caboose and I banged my shin on one of the crossbars. Look, it’s still swollen. Imagine how it looked two days ago. I miss Shakes, but I don’t do well at funerals. I’m an emotional person, even though I can act like a real prick sometimes. Were you around for Digger’s funeral? Maybe that was before your time. I went, when I saw him laying in the casket I broke down crying in front of millions of people. I like to think that Shakes is looking down on us now. I sure hope there is beer in heaven.

I said, “There must be. Why else would anybody go there.

“Frank is really taking it hard. I spoke to him on the bus the other night. We were wondering who would be the next to die, he said, ‘I hope it’s me.”

“Yeah, Frank’s an emotional guy as well. I know from the number of times he’s crashed at my place. I wish these guys would get the message. That sherry that they drink, that’s got to be hard on their systems. Whenever I drink sherry I get a massive hangover. That’s why I have this bruise on my shin. That was a sherry day. I drink a dozen beer a day. I wake up refreshed. Maybe that’s not good for me either. Who knows?

“I’ve talked to Frank. H.I.V. isn’t terminal, like it used to be. I tell him that he should go to a dentist, have those few teeth pulled and get a set of dentures. If I’ve walked half way down here and remember that I haven’t put my dentures in, I’ll go back for them. I lost my bottom set. I tried to get a new plate when I had my jaw broken. I couldn’t get them to pay for it. I’m glad I didn’t have them in at the time. They coulda done a lot of damage to the inside of my mouth.  I shoulda had them replaced, but at least I can smile. What’s that they say about shoulda, coulda and woulda?”

I said, “If the dog hadn’t stopped to shit, he woulda caught the rabbit.”

“Don’t say that too loud in front of Shaggy, not that she can catch anything any more. I just don’t want her feelings to be hurt.”

Danny stopped by with some posters he had printed in memory of  of Shakes. His image was in the center, above it a soaring eagle. The caption read, flying above the cloud “I AM THE EAGLE!!”  Thoughts and Prayers are on the Wings of many Eagles, for you Shakes… Long May you Soar.

He said, “A friend of mine printed these. I’m selling them for ten bucks each, the cost of reproduction. I thought that friends of Shakes would appreciate a picture of him.

Wolf said, “Here’s a picture of Shakes that Stella brought me today. He’s lying down, with his bottle of Dr. Pepper, just like we remember him. I thought that was a nice gesture.


  1. Thank you….I enjoyed reading your blog and will continue to do so. Nothing beats a good “read” with a cup of coffee in the morning 🙂 Thank you for letting me follow!


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