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14 July 2014

“Good morning, Chuck. It’s a beautiful day.”

“Yes, I think today is going to be good. At noon I’m going for lunch with my lady friend. I hope we go tho the Italian place across the street. I love their lasagna. Have you ever tried it?”

“No, but I love lasagna. Are you all ready for your trip.”

“I’ve got most things packed. I’m going to buy some apples for the trip. They won’t spoil or get bruised. Sometimes, on my way home, if I’m hungry, I buy one of those five dollar frozen meals. They have a big assortment.

“I forgot to bring my bus schedule with me this morning. As of today, there is a reduced summer schedule. I don’t think that’s right. I know that kids are off school for the summer, but nothing changes for other people. I asked a lady at the stop, ‘What time does the next bus arrive?’ She gave me the time it was supposed to  arrive. Then I asked, ‘Is it usually on time?’ She said, ‘It could be ten minutes early. It could be ten minutes late. There’s no telling.’ Sure enough, the bus was ten minutes late. I asked the driver why he was late. He said to me, ‘What’s it to you?’ I said, ‘Some of us have to be downtown at a certain time for work.’

This may have confused the driver, because on Chuck’s cap is printed, ‘Don’t ask me to do anything. I’m retired.’

Chuck said, “The experience on the bus this morning is just one more reason why I should buy that covered scooter. Eight thousand dollars is a lot of money, but I know I can pay it back. I’ll just have to cut back on some things. I’ll have one of those handicapped stickers for it, so, I’m thinking, I’ll be able to park it across the street in that little alcove there, where they park the bicycles. It isn’t much bigger than a bicycle. I don’t think the cops will bother me. I hope not. I just need something large enough for me and Goldie to ride in, with a few bags of groceries. That’s all I need.

I said, “We’ll, I won’t be seeing you tomorrow, Chuck. Have a good trip and I’ll see you Wednesday.”

“I’ll see you Wednesday, bud.”