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5.0 out of 5 stars Real People in a Gritty Setting, August 10, 2014
I started following Dennis Cardiff’s blog Gotta Find a Home last year, looking forward to each installment. It’s exciting to see the blog as an actual book we followers can finally hold in our hands. The reader meets the cast of characters ( I am seeing a movie or screen play) and lives through their pain, with odd moments of humor, on the streets of Ottawa, Canada. Cardiff uses a minimum of narration-the book is mainly written in dialogue. From Joy, Bearded Bruce, Shakes, and Nick, just to name a few, the main players are real people in a heart-grabbing Dickensonian setting of trouble and drama. Cardiff does a skillful job in showing us how street peoples’ lives are shaped by addiction, mental health problems, and physical and spiritual abuse. Add childhood trauma, indigenous discrimination and poverty and unresolved emotional issues to the mix, and you have street people. “There but for fortune may go you or I.” There is no mincing of words in Gotta Find a Home. I hope you like the book as much as I do! Cardiff was nice enough to grant me an interview on my blog.