Taxi – 19 August 2014

Posted: August 19, 2014 in Dialog, Prose
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19 August 2014

“Did you shit your pants this morning?” asked Chuck. “You’re early. I don’t usually see you before 8:30.”

I said ”  I never know what time my bus will arrive. Then I have to change buses. At this time of day they’re often full, so I have to wait for one less crowded.

“How is your day going? Any word on your enclosed Scooter?”

“Yes,” said Chuck, “unfortunately, I won’t be able to get anything before September 27.”

I said, “That will be good won’t it? You’ll have it before winter. That’s when you’ll really need it.”

“I’d like to have it now. I’m trying to save my battery. It needs to be replaced, but I’m never going back to the place I used to deal with. They’re all a bunch of assholes. If my battery goes I’m stuck. I can still get around by wheelchair taxi, but they keep ripping me off. Last time I went to a hockey game, they picked me up. They also took three other passengers. One of them lived nine miles in the opposite direction. They took him first. Then they were going to take the other passenger to the far eastern side of town. I said, ‘No you don’t. You take me home NOW.’ It still cost me about forty bucks.

I asked, “Couldn’t you phone one of the other cab companies?”

“I could, but this is the one designated by Social Services. I get ripped off by the other cab companies as well.

I’ve had a rough morning. That’s why I’m grumpy. Yesterday afternoon I ate a slice of pizza. When my friend from Cornwall came by at four, she brought me a toasted bagel. Then some one else brought be a couple of muffins. I was falling asleep, watching TV, at 10:30. I decided to go to bed, but as soon as my head hit the pillow, I was wide awake. I tossed and turned all night. I may have slept a bit, but I was awake at 2:30. I don’t think I got much sleep after that.

“See my hat, read what it says, “I’m not old, I’m Vintage. Then beside that is printed sixty. People will say to me, ‘You look good for sixty.’ Actually I’m seventy, so they’re paying me a real compliment.

A woman stopped by and asked Chuck, ‘Would you like your usual extra small coffee. I’m not sure if they have the right cups there.”

Chuck said, “Here, take this one and get it refilled.”

The woman left. Chuck said, “Hopefully, she’s going to buy me lunch today. That would be nice. Today’s turning out not too bad, after all.”


  1. eaawilson says:

    Another lovely conversation between two real people.


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