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Do You Work? – 21 August 2014

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21 August 2014

Debbie said to nobody in particular, “Have you noticed the finches? There seem to be more this year than usual.”

Jacques asked, “Are they like cardinals?”

Debbie said, “No, they’re yellow.”

Jacques said, “That’s what I say when I answer the phone, yello? yello?…”

I asked Outcast, How has your week been going?”

“If you’d asked me that yesterday I would have said, “It’s been fine, but today I’ve got three bucks in my pocket, not even enough to buy a pack of smokes. I’m going crazy wanting a smoke.  I broke up with my girlfriend. She’s on ODSP (Ontario Disability Support Program). They were going to pay to have her furniture moved. She called a moving company and they gave her an estimate of $800. They said it should take three hours. Five hours later they arrived and demanded $1050, or they wouldn’t unload the truck. She was frantic. She called me and I gave her $250. That was all the money I had to live on for the rest of the month. What was I supposed to do?”

Debbie said, “This is the time of year I’d just like to go live in the woods, get away from society and all the bullshit. I was talking to my daughters the other day about what arrangements I want made when I die. I don’t want any kind of service or anything. Just take me into the woods and leave me there. I don’t care if I’m eaten by animals. My soul will have left my body, it’s just a carcass. I plan to write about that in my book.”

Jacques said, “I have to find someone who will show me how to play on my computer.”

Debbie replied, “I used to be a whiz on those. Now, I probably wouldn’t even know how to turn one on.”

Guy asked me, “Do you work?”

“Yes, I work in that tall building down the street.”

“Why? Do you like what you do?”

I said, “Yes, I like my work. I don’t think I’d like being unemployed.”

“Me, I can’t see myself working for anybody. That’s just the way I am.”

Jacques asked, “How much does it cost for a pack of smokes now? The real kind, not the natives?”

Outcast said, “Legal smokes, with the Federal and Provincial taxes paid, at a regular corner store are about 8 to 9 dollars for a pack of 20. “

Jacques said, “So for a month, at a pack a day, a smoker would pay from $240 to $270. I pay half of that for my pot and I share with everybody.”

Guy said, “You don’t mix your pot with tobacco, do you?  Tobacco burns at a higher temperature than pot. I get a longer buzz when I mix it with tobacco.”

Jacques said, “No, I just use my pipe.”

Guy said, “Now, you can get all these fancy glass bongs and bubblers, any color your want. Online you can pay over $400. for some of them.”