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28 August 2014

Chuck said, “Dennis, I got the morning off to a bad start. I was up at 4:30, took Goldie for a long walk, came back home, took my nine pills. I must have gotten the heart pills mixed up with the water pills. I took one too many water pills. I’ve had to pee four times since I’ve been down here. My lady friend is taking me out to lunch, after that I should be back to normal.

“How are you?”

“I’m fine, Chuck. Same old, same old.”

Chuck said, “Every time my son comes around he sees some woman kissing me. He can’t figure it out.  I think I told you he has his own cleaning business. He’s his own boss, but he keeps to a rigid schedule. He works nights, so he goes to bed at 5:00 every day. He didn’t come to my birthday party, or his mother’s. He said, ‘You could have held it at 10:30 in the morning.’  People don’t want to go to a restaurant at 10:30. He figures that world revolves around him.

“Well, it’s near the end of August. In less than a month I’ll be getting my enclosed scooter. I’ll finally have some independence. I won’t have to rely on the bus or the wheelchair taxi. I’ll be a free man.”

I said, “I saw something on the internet. They’re going to raise the minimum wage. That should make things easier for a lot of people.”

“No it won’t,” said Chuck, “Companies will just hire fewer full-time, and more part-time employees. It’s cheaper, they don’t have to pay for any benefits. I was talking to a pretty waitress at the mall. She’s going to university and working two jobs. I said to her, ‘Someday, you’ll look back at this and will have a real sense of satisfaction that what you will have achieved, you did on your own.” She said, ‘Yes, and it’s going to happen.’ I admire her spunk, nothing or nobody is going to hold her back.”