Dog Shit – 28 August 2014

Posted: August 30, 2014 in Dialog, Prose
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28 August 2014

André said to me, “Dennis, haven’t a cushion for you to sit on, but use my bike, you can sit on the frame. It may not be comfortable, but it’s better than sitting on the wet grass.”

“Thanks André, is this one of the bikes you fixed?”

“Yeah, that’s what’s been keeping me in spending money. My check should be in today, but I’m not even going to bother cashing it. I’ve still got five hundred bucks at home. I’m taken care of.

“See this stereo radio I got. I found it in a dumpster. I was rooting around looking for an empty plastic bag to put something in. I could feel that this one bag had something in it. I was careful, it could have been dog shit for all I knew, but it turned out to be this radio. With some new batteries, it works fine.

“I was off drinking for eleven months. Now I know I can quit if I want. Sometimes, I like to come here and have a drink with my friends. I never said I’d never have a drink again. It’s just like getting out of prison. I’d be in for nine years, get out for a month, be back in for two years. When I was leaving I’d always say to the guys, “I’m going to change my life around. I’m never coming back inside again. Of course, I’d get drunk, do something stupid and be back inside. The last time I got out, I didn’t say anything. I didn’t want to jinx it, and so far it’s worked.

“It’s the same with drinking. I know I’m an alcoholic, but I also know that I can control it. I stick to a couple of beers at a time and I feel great. I don’t have the shakes. I don’t have the dry heaves. I’m better off than I’ve ever been, so I don’t want to jinx it.”

Shawn had been talking on the phone. I knew he’d been to the welfare office, so I asked how the meeting went.

“I’m screwed, man. The welfare office said I need something to prove that I’ve found a place to live. I went to my worker and she said all I need is a ‘statement of intent to rent’. She helped me out with that. I want back and they said I need some kind of proof that I live there, like a hydro bill, or something. I don’t know how I can do that, because the friend I want to stay with is out of their jurisdiction. I’m fucked. I can’t stay at my mother’s place because her boyfriend came over for the weekend. I don’t know what I’m going to do.

“Do you have some bus tickets? That would really help.”

“Sure,” I said,  “How many do you need?”

“Two will do.” I handed him the tickets.

“Thanks, this will help a lot.”

I said to Jacques, “I see you’re still drinking out of your sock,” referring to the sock wrapped around a mason jar he was drinking from.

“Yes, it works fine. It maybe insulates, as well. I don’t know.”

I asked Wolf, “How are you doing?”

“I’m tired,”  he said. “It’s been a long week for me. You may laugh, but it’s tough panning five days straight. I’m looking forward to a few days of doing nothing. I told you I have my three new books, beer in the fridge. I’m all set for the long weekend.

“I guess you’re going to your cottage, are you?” I nodded in agreement. “I really envy you that. I’d just like to be somewhere quiet for a change. I know there are crickets and bullfrogs, but not the constant sound of traffic.”

Debbie said, “I love going to the woods. It’s part of my heritage. It’s where I feel at peace and at home.”

I asked Donald, “Have you any plans for the long weekend?”

“No, not really. My friend and I are living in a cabin on an island, so we have to get there by boat. It keeps the rain off. Sometimes, I come into town to stay with my mother, or to get groceries. I have to come in for my methadone treatments.”

I said, “Tell me about your cabin.”

“We built it ourselves. It’s not a castle, but it keeps the rain off. It didn’t cost us anything. The wood was already there, we just nailed it together. It’s nice, because nobody can see us when we’re there. Like Wolf said, it’s ‘somewhere quiet for a change.’

Jacques said, “I’ve got a splitting headache.”

André said, “I’ve got some oxycodone if you’d like some. I just bought it last night.”

Robert asked, “Can I see that bottle? This says percocet!”

Wolf asked, “Well, is it oxycontin or percocet? They’re two different things.”

Robert said, “The print is awfully small, but it has both oxycodone and percocet.”

Jacques said, “Never mind.  I’ve got some Motrin in my bag. I’ll take a couple of those. Maybe, I just need to drink more.”

Little Jake walked up. He asked, “Wolf can I borrow that sweater? It’s cold here in the shade.”

Wolf said, “It’s clean. I don’t mind if you wear it, but don’t use it to sit on the ground. You can even smell how clean it is.”

Jake said, “Yeah, you’re right.”

It was time for me to leave. I said, to Jake, “I have to go now, but let me smell that sweater first.”

Wolf and the crew said, “We’ll see you next week, Dennis. Have a good long weekend.”

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