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Posted: September 13, 2014 in Uncategorized
on September 12, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition

This story is truly touching! If I could make it mandatory for all to read, I would. It shines light on the homeless, but not in a degrading way. So many people often forget about the homeless situation, ignore those that are homeless, or look down upon them. This book reminds us that regardless of our situation, (ex. being homeless) we are all still people. It will remind you that we all bleed the same, we all have feelings, and we all have a heart. You can never know someone’s story until you talk with them.
I really like the concept of this book, how it was written, and the material within! The flow and content is so intriguing and easy to follow, one could zoom through its 200+ pages in a jiffy. Mr. Dennis Cardiff did a fantastic job putting it all together. Through a series of entries, he records different accounts with various street people. People whom he has gotten to know and cherish, and if you read you will too! Through these entries the reader gets to read first-hand, how and why these people are homeless. They get the answers to the questions many want to know. Yet, Mr. Cardiff doesn’t bluntly ask his new acquaintances these questions, it is all revealed in casually conversations; similar to ones you would have with a new or old friend. After reading this book, my heart began to widen for these people and their unique situation, and my immediate reaction to a street person has forever been changed. If looking for a book with substance, this is it. It is real, insightful, and will leave a lasting impression!

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