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16 September 2014

“Good morning, Chuck,did you try out your new fan heater?”

“No, it’s still in the box. I went to bed early, but at 2:30 Goldie was tearing around the house. She had to go to the bathroom. I wasn’t too pleased getting up at that time to take her for a walk. My water pills were working overtime, so I was up a few more times during the night.

“I had a surprise yesterday when I took the bus home. Instead of going the long way around, it went straight to my place. The construction barriers were all down and I didn’t have any problems crossing the street. It meant I got home ten minutes earlier than I expected. This morning, even though I left late, I was still here before the coffee shop opened. I don’t drink coffee at home, but I really look forward to my first coffee of the day.

“I told you of the problem I’ve been having with skunks. One day Goldie and I nearly ran into one. I found out where they’ve been living. I’ve got a nut case of a neighbor — well he’s not a nut case, he’s a veteran — but he’s not all there. He has so much junk in his back yard that the skunks and raccoons love to go there and dig around. I know that neighbors have complained. His front yard is a weed garden. I haven’t seen the skunks lately. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone put out some arsenic or rat poison to kill them off.

“I was talking to Metro, the guy who hands out the free newspapers, there is this beautiful woman who stops to talk to him. She’s mentioned that she’s a grandmother, but she’s really gorgeous. There’s another woman, not very attractive, who comes around all mooney-eyed. I tease him about her. This morning I started singing the war song from the forties:

They told me in the Army,
the girls are mighty fine.
You ask for Betty Grable
the give you Frankenstein


Oh, I don’t want no more of army life
Gee, Ma, I want to go
back to Ontario
Gee, Ma, I want to go home.

New Amazon Review

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5.0 out of 5 stars
A very interesting journal of a caring man helping those he sees every day, September 15, 2014
This review is from: Gotta Find a Home: Conversations with Street People (Kindle Edition)
The author gives life and power to those who cannot speak for themselves. Perhaps through this eye-opening book, others will become more aware of the people they walk by every day. While the author sites daily journaling from Canada, I have had the experience of working in a hospital where I frequently worked closely with people with psychiatric conditions, and many were homeless. Just as the author states, many come from abusive upbringings, have fetal alcohol syndrome, or mood disorders or other serious conditions. In the US in the early 1990‘s, unfortunately many state and federally funded psychiatric hospitals closed their doors and residents were put on the streets. I would suggest this powerful book to anyone interested in volunteering, to social workers, and to anyone that would like a better perspective into a hard life, and how you can help.