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17 September 2014

While on my usual bus to work I noticed a woman with familiar face, walking with a cane. It took a few minutes to remember her name. Then I said, “Hi Chili!”

“Hi Dennis, I didn’t know you lived around here. I live with my boyfriend Spike, just a block from here. It’s handy to the methadone clinic and to school.”

I said, “You’re walking much better. The last time we met you were using a walker.”

“Yeah, I still use a walker sometimes. My surgery is coming up soon, so hopefully after that I’ll be able to walk on my own. I have osteomyelitis that caused a bone abscess. It needs to be opened, washed out, and drained. I may need a bone graft.

“This is my stop. It was nice seeing you, Dennis.”

“Bye, Chili.”

I arrived downtown and met Chuck. “Good morning, Dennis.”

“Hi Chuck, how is your day going?”

“Today is fine. I’m supposed to go to a wedding on the weekend.  I’d like to see my family, but every one will be dancing, smoking and drinking, all the things I can’t do. I think I’m going to give it a pass.

“Seeing Ghyslain down the street, reminds me of two brothers I went to school with. They were really good at track and field, track mostly. They were always racing each other. Then they got into drugs — I don’t know what exactly — but it fried their brains.  They still like to run, but it’s in slow motion, just like when you slow down a movie.

“I used to be on crack. I’d mostly just use it on the weekends. My girlfriend at the time had been an addict for a few years. We snorted back then, using a dollar bill. That’s when they had dollar bills. I started using more and more. You know how it is. One morning I woke up, my head was splitting, I couldn’t remember anything. I decided that I’d had it. She’d given me a key to her apartment. I took it, hung it up on the key rack and, without a word, just walked out. I never went back. A few weeks later I heard that she’d been picked up by the police. The guy she was with was her dealer. She was small and cute, he talked her into taking the rap.  She served seven years.

“I got a joke for you. I’m not allowed to tell jokes about blond women, so this is about a blond guy. Anyway, he’s driving downtown and he gets a flat tire. He pulls over, opens the trunk and takes out these life-size cutouts of two men and sets them up behind the car. They were both wearing trench-coats, holding them wide open, and were completely naked. The guy goes about changing his tire. Meanwhile traffic is slowing down, drivers are shaking their heads and looking at these cut-outs. Soon the traffic is backed up a bout a mile. A motorcycle cop at the back of the line roars up to see the cause of the hold up. He sees these cutouts and asks the blond guy.  ‘What’s this all about?’ The guy says, ‘I’m changing a tire.’ The cop says, ‘I can see that. What are these cut-outs?’ The blond guy says, ‘Doh! Hello? These are my emergency flashers.”


I Heartily Recommend this Book

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People become Homeless because of Many reasons. In India, such People are Looked Down Upon, or More Often Ignored, etc. Whereas it seems that in the West they are even subjected to Violence. That much about the Situation.

Many People at Many times have set forth to help the Helpless. Through the blogs, I have come to know of DENNIS CARDIFF, who is a Writer and an Author, and gives of his time, energy and money to take care of these Have-nots. I have also come to know of his Book: GOTTA FIND A HOME.

gotta find a home

Image: Screen capture from his site. Reference below. Mr. Cardiff, besides spending out of his own pocket to help out in various ways, has written:

‘All profits will be used to support those forced onto the streets and the Ottawa Innercity Ministries, Street Outreach Program.’

Here seems to be a Programme where the…

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