Extraterrestrials – 30 September 2014

Posted: September 30, 2014 in Dialog, Prose
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30 September 2014

“You look cold, Chuck,” I said.

“You’re damned right. I made the mistake of listening to the weather man. He’s never right. I knew it as soon as I got about a block from my place, but I didn’t want to go back.

“I nearly got in a fight with the bus driver. It didn’t help that he was ten minutes late. He said that I was waiting in the wrong place. I’ve been using that stop for five years and my chair was parked where I was told to park it. In winter they don’t plow the snow beyond a certain point, so I’ve got no choice. He said, ‘If you’re not in the right place, I’m not picking you up next time.’ It’s happened too. Sometimes they open the doors, see the wheelchair, close the doors and drive off.

“My new scooter has been delayed in China, maybe for another three weeks. It was supposed to be in Vancouver last Thursday. The guy I deal with is looking into it. He doesn’t have any answers yet. Perhaps there is another one in Canada somewhere.

I said, “I was watching the news this morning. They showed the skeleton of a newly discovered dinosaur. It was 130 feet long and 65 feet tall. They calculated its weight at 70 tonnes. They don’t have a name for it yet. There was another one called a Spinosaurus nearly 50 feet long, bigger than a R. Rex.   It had a long snout like a crocodile and is the first swimming dinosaur ever discovered.”

“I believe that,” said Chuck. “I have the National Geographic series of videos on the Sea. When they get deep enough in the ocean there are huge creatures like the giant squid that can be sixty feet long. There are others called Viperfish that are only about a foot long but they have a large mouth and sharp, fang-like teeth. In fact, these fangs are so large that they won’t fit inside the mouth. Instead, they curve back very close to the fish’s eyes.

“In some places, seeping methane feeds communities of exotic organisms that harness the gas as an energy source in their sunless environment. If that’s the case, there could be life on other planets. There’s methane on Mars, so there could be creatures that can live in that environment.


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