Asteroid – 1 October 2014

Posted: October 4, 2014 in Dialog, Prose
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1 October 2014

As I was approaching Chuck, a blond woman was handing him a coffee, kissed him on the cheek then left. After she was out of earshot he said, “I wish she wasn’t married.”

“Good morning, Chuck. You’re dressed warmer today.”

“Yeah, I really suffered yesterday”.

Another attractive woman came along. Chuck asked her, “How are the kids?”

“Two are okay, the third I’m not sure about.” She scratched Goldie under the chin then put her hand on Chuck’s shoulder. “Take care, Chuck,” she said.

When the light changed she walked across the street.

Chuck said, “I could have had her.”

“She’s gorgeous,” I said.

“She works from home, so she has her time to herself, doesn’t have to punch a clock or anything. One day she just hung around and we chatted. I told her lots of jokes, then she kissed my cheek. Then she kissed me full on the mouth and her tongue slid into mine.

“I said, ‘Before we go any further I have to tell you I’m 71 and I have a girlfriend.’ She said, ‘You could have had me.’ ‘I know,’ I said. “Don’t think I didn’t have some regrets, but attaching myself to a woman with three kids wouldn’t have worked out.”

I said, “Chuck, you do have a hard life.”

He reached into his pocket and pulled out some change. “Except for two dollars, this is all I made today, seven bucks. I don’t know what’s happening. Some of my regulars haven’t been showing up. I think that the government is relocating some of its buildings out of the downtown core. There used to be a sandwich shop across the street. Lack of business closed them down. It’s getting to be like a ghost town around here.

“Last night I was watching a space program on television. Do you ever watch those? Anyway, It was all about this asteroid that was on a course toward earth

An asteroid big enough to wipe out most of Europe is hurtling towards the Earth, astronomers warned last night.

 The giant space rock, scheduled to sweep close to the Earth on March 21 2014, is large and fast enough to devastate a continent should a collision occur.

However, the chances of an impact are minuscule. Yesterday they were estimated at one in 909,000 – more likely than winning the National Lottery jackpot, but less likely than drowning in the bath. (


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