Dot-coms – 14 October 2014

Posted: October 17, 2014 in Dialog, Prose
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14 October 2014

“Hi Dennis,” said Chuck. “Remember that internet bubble that burst in 2001? Long before that I was telling people, ‘If you have any money, at all, in dot-com companies, take it out. I told that to one of my regulars. He didn’t take my advice, used all his retirement savings and now has to work two more years. He can’t afford to retire now. He asked me, ‘Where do you get your information?’ I said, ‘I read the financial section of the newspaper everyday.’ It’s not like I have anything else to do.

“We’ve got a new Finance Minister now. It looks like he’s going to take us down that same path again. Why couldn’t they have learned from last time. He’s been warned that because of the baby-boom bulge, we’ll have a shrinking workforce, a glut of savings, excessive investment in non-productive capital and sagging productivity. That’s something to look forward to.

“Yesterday I was telling you about my time in Moose Factory. One night, in the bar, three beautiful women came in. All the guys started buying them shots and they were putting them back. At closing time they locked the doors. When I came back the next morning the three women were naked and asleep on the pool tables. The bar was down four hundred dollars in liquor that wasn’t paid for. The guy I worked with said, ‘Chuck, you missed quite a party last night.’ I said, ‘That’s not my scene.’ Sloppy fourths or fifths is bad enough. When you’re eighteenth in line that’s not so appetizing.”

A blond woman with a big smile stopped and slipped Chuck a five. “Have a good weekend,” she said.

“I will, even though the temperature is going down to single digits. I’m going to take a sleeping pill tonight, because I haven’t been sleeping well lately, and enjoy doing nothing.”

“That sounds like a plan, Chuck,” she said. “Did you see the hockey game last night? Our team won!”

“Yes, and it was a home opener too. Last year we didn’t do so well on home games. If we’d won four more we would have made it into the playoffs. We may have been beaten out the first round, but we would have made it. Last night, two goals in a span of three minutes, in the third, turned the game around. If we can just keep up that momentum, we’ve got a chance.”

A construction crew started installing a scaffold near where Chuck was sitting. “It looks like I’m going to be getting what they call ‘the bum’s rush’. They will be doing something to the brickwork, so I may be away for a long time. Soon, it’ll be too cold to come out anyway.”

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