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Great, October 23, 2014
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This review is from: Gotta Find a Home: Conversations with Street People (Kindle Edition)
This was a great heart warming story to read. It is one of those things that really makes you sit back and take stock of the things in your own life. It is full of kindness and you can tell from the writing that the author has a real passion for the subject of the homeless. He is not only telling their story but trying to open up the eyes of the world to these people and what they have and are still going through. I was very humbled by this project and would really recommend it to anyone. It does kind of restore ones faith in the human race. I was also pleasantly surprised that the writing is not preachy in its message about the homeless nor is it condescending to the people who it is written about. Very nice work Mr. Cardiff.

Advocating Kindness

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Citizenship. Sustainability. Social Responsibility.

Unknown to many, I have been going through quite an internal struggle during the past couple of years. I have been battling mood disorders and depression that eventually lead to physical sickness.

What this condition taught me is to learn to find joy in the smallest things and the most ordinary things everyday. And to treasure those who love memy family and friends. It also taught me to be grateful and to focus on improving my character. And most of all, to PRAY. Because my strength will always be inadequate to God’s grace.

It has also taught me to be kind, most especially to myself. And that’s when I learned to be kinder to others.

You know how when you look at the mirror and you don’t like what you see? Believe it or not, it has happened to me many times. Don’t ask why. I…

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