Sexist Pig – 6 November 2014

Posted: November 6, 2014 in Dialog, Prose
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6 November 2014

“Good morning, Dennis. I have something to tell you. It just happened. There’s a woman who passes every morning. She always says hello, but never drops me any money. That’s okay. This morning I said to her, ‘I’m going to say something to you. You may think I’m bad. You may even call me a sexist pig, but I think you’re beautiful. I wanted to say it.’ She laughed and handed me a five dollar bill. So what do you think? Am I a sexist pig?”

I said, “Well, Chuck, if you’re a sexist pig, so am I.”

“I have to laugh sometimes when I see these women’s groups. Their extremist views alienate many people who would otherwise support them. I know that some men are bastards, they beat women. I don’t know why the women stick around.  I know some prostitutes that come by. Some of them get beaten by their pimps. There’s no way a hundred pound woman can stand up to a two hundred pound, six-foot man.  I tell them, ‘Look, do your tricks, hand over the money to your pimp. Do that a couple of times. Go out again, do your tricks, collect the money then high tail it out of town. Take the first bus and get the hell away. That’s the only way to survive.

“Do you remember Rachelle, she died about four years ago?”

“No, I didn’t know her. What did she die of?”

“Cancer, but that’s not the point. When I was living downtown, I was on street level. Often she’d come by my place, it might be three o’clock in the morning. I’d invite her in, she’d take a shower, hop into bed with me and we’d sleep until morning. Then she’d be on her way. That went on for years. I was single. We both got what we wanted. What’s wrong with that. Like I said the other day, ‘The one who supplies the booze, controls the screws.’ Well, I was controlling the booze.

“These new prostitution laws are only going to make things worse. Prostitution has been around forever. It’s not going to be legislated away.”

“I agree, Chuck. By the way, I saw Magdalene last night, the former girlfriend of Alphonse who committed suicide.”

“I know who you’re talking about. Yeah, she’s lost weight.”

I said, “She was straight and sober and has a new boyfriend now.”

“Yeah, his name is Allan. He seems decent enough. I also saw her drunk with three other guys.

“What do you think of the Fort Lauderdale men who face sixty days in jail and a $500 fine for feeding the homeless?

“The world is going crazy, Chuck. What more can I say?”


  1. michaelnjohns says:

    Certain areas of Florida and other states want to be extremely inhospitable to homeless people and that is sad. They need food and shelter just like homeowners and business owners do. A few months back I saw an article showing how in one locale, they had installed spikes to deter sleeping under certain bridges and other sheltered outdoor areas. With the money they spend trying to arrest and legally harass people, or building harassing infrastructure, I only think of what they could have invested that in- food, clothing, shelters, instead of wasting it in ways that hurt and harass people. It’s sad. But in a country where they’ll arrest you for feeding a parking meter for someone elses’ car, apparently they’ll arrest you for feeding a person in need, too. They’ll use those fines to harass the next ministry group I guess.


  2. burkscry says:

    I think that the government has lost compassion and the sense of what this world is about. They are making it “illegal” to be homeless, but don’t want to take the time to help the people NOT be homeless. SMH This is a sad, sad world. Take that from a woman who, had it not been for God, would have been homeless with a toddler.


  3. Love this, real conversation with real concerns and real points of views. I too thought the world is going crazy, specially if we make it a law not to feed people in need… I do not about you but now more than ever… Help us Lord Jesus! my appreciation and love. God bless.

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  4. […] Source: Sexist Pig […]


  5. Andrew Davis says:

    fun dialogue bits. “Cancer, but that’s not the point.” Good stuff!


  6. Battle Creek, MI is also cracking down on feeding the poor fresh food:


  7. She_Who_Hears says:

    What is the world coming to if you can’t legally help out those in need?


  8. seaofcarnage says:

    I am so ashamed of any governing body who disrupts anyone trying to make life a little better for others. It is a sick and selfish act to try to legislate feeding the homeless. If we had less legislation more people would help. I know many restaurants who would donate left over foods if the health department didn’t try to mandate all these rules. Life on the street is about no rules, so if they can get a decent healthy meal, why would we want to ruin that. Oh that’s right, it is about not wanting to see them or know they exist. If people are not feeding them they go away right? This is the stupidest most inhuman thing we can possibly do, yet we do it, why? Have we lost our soul?


  9. hessiafae says:

    I see nothing wrong with telling a woman that you appreciate her beauty. I am a feminist (and not a great beauty). There is a difference between appreciation and harassment.
    As for getting arrested for feeding the homeless…bullshit!


  10. Alex says:

    I can’t believe that in a country with people that claim to be Christians helping or feeding poor people is a felony now. (or for a longer time already) . Especially in a time when so many people lost their homes, because of the greed of rich people.


  11. Earth Angel says:

    Hey Dennis just dropping a line to say H i I wanted to let you know That we are getting more alignment with love consciousness going on and its like a Tsunami, spreding love to you and your street friends Heart to heart Robyn


  12. As a woman who has been experiencing harassment as a reality since age 12, I wish I lived in a world where a male stranger’s greeting or friendly compliments do not carry risk of escalating when a woman responds to it with friendliness. Not saying this happens every time but it happens too often. This is why I choose not to respond as my safety is a priority over appearing rude.

    While I believe no one is entitled to have their comments on a woman’s appearance responded to (the media is saturated with messages telling women how physical appearance is the core of what they’re worth), I can also at least imagine the level of alienation and loneliness a person experiencing homelessness feels as people walk by or address them in disdain. And more harm is added to this injury when the law is arresting people for helping people who go through homelessness!


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