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7 November 2014

“Hi, Chuck, I didn’t know if I would see you today, because of the cold weather.”

“I’m dressed for it. I’m wearing my long johns, an extra tee-shirt, my outside shirt, my spring jacket and my winter coat and my sheepskin hat. I don’t know about next week, though. The forecast is for freezing temperatures. There may be freezing rain or snow. Either way, I won’t be coming out.

“Yesterday I went out for lunch with my lady friend. Some of my friends ask me how I’m able to afford to go to a restaurant. I tell them it’s because I’m so cheap in every other way. I did my laundry last night, for the first time in a month. To save on the cost of laundry detergent, feeding washers and dryers, I have thirty pairs of socks and underwear. I wear the white cotton socks, because they’re better for the circulation in my feet, same with underwear. I don’t even have to sort the socks. I pull any two out of the drawer and I know they’ll match. I have four sets of  outside pants and  shirts that I change once a week, since the only place they touch my skin is at my neck and wrists, they don’t get dirty

Yesterday a woman gave Chuck a baggie with dog kibble, as a sample, to see if Goldie liked it. She did, so today the woman brought a thirty pound bag of the same dog food. She said, “My dog has to go in for surgery, then the vet will be putting her on a special soft diet. I have no use for this, so if you want it, it’s yours.”

“Thank you very much,” said Chuck. “If you could just hang the bag on the handles of my wheelchair, I’ll be able to get it home.”

After the woman left Chuck said, “This is great. I’d have to pay about thirty bucks for this.”

An electric wheelchair scooted past us and crossed the street against a red light. Chuck said, “That guy is a real asshole. He panhandles down the street, at the other corner. All day he asks, ‘Got any change? Got ony change? Got any change?’ He never shuts up. That’s aggressive panning.

“I sure hope my new chair gets here soon, otherwise it’ll be a long winter.”