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5.0 out of 5 stars
a book filled with empathy and humanity for those who need it most,November 8, 2014
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This review is from: Gotta Find a Home: Conversations with Street People (Kindle Edition)
So many books depict aliens, vampires, werewolves and chick lit about gorgeous hunks who ravish seductive women or discuss esoteric ideas promulgated by a privileged class. Very few portray the disenfranchised, homeless whose humanity has been brilliantly and sympathetically illustrated by Dennis Cardiff in his eloquent recounting of his day to day experiences with the homeless who usually are bypassed by most of us when we walk by them or altruistically give them a dollar if we stop at a red light as they panhandle in all sorts of clement and inclement weather. His realistic portrait of their plight, their grit and determination to survive their harsh circumstances provided an epiphany to me.
No longer are they stereotypes of ne’er do wells, but through Cardiff’s book they emerge as strong individuals who try to cope with difficult situations. Cardiff is a saint for revealing their circumstances to the reading public. His altruistic, non-judgmental description of their lives gives them lives with grace and dignity which might otherwise go unnoticed. A must read for all those who have homes.