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13 November 2014

“Hi, Joy,” I said, “it’s good to see you. How are you feeling?”

“I’m okay, my legs get stiff, especially in this cold. I’m going to be getting a three-wheeled scooter. That’ll make getting around a lot easier.

“Big Jake’s going to see his p.o. (parole officer) today, so he’ll be coming over early. I’m not too pleased with that. I usually have to shoo him out when it’s time for me to go to bed. I get up at 5:00. He phones me around 2:00, which usually means he’s been up for about an hour. I’ve been feeling sick for the past week or so. Jake’s been coughing and he doesn’t cover his mouth. He stays at the mission, where most people cough with out covering their mouths. Who knows what kind of airborne cooties are flying around.

“Have you been up to the park to see the guys?”

“Yeah,” I said, I’ve seen Jacques, Little Chester, Mariah. On Remembrance Day I sat on the bus with Little Jake. He’d been downtown for the services. He was pissed off with Jacques for pulling out his pot pipe in public.

“Little Jake told me that Hippo came over to your place for supper.”

“Yeah, what a fiasco that was. He and Little Jake came over at about 11:00 in the morning.  I said, ‘What the fuck are you guys doing here. Get lost!’  Later, Hippo came over by himself and asked, ‘Are you in a better mood now? Did you forget that you invited us over for a meal?’ I felt about this tall (indicating with her fingers approximately an inch.) So, he came in and I made lunch. Outcast dropped over later. I had to kick him out after three beer, because he gets to be such a dickhead.”

I said, “You mentioned that Big Jake was helping towards the expenses. How is that working out?”

“He’s been helping, but he smokes and eats so damn much I’d be better off on my own. We bought a bag of native cigarettes. He filled his container three times before I finished my first. I said to his, “Why do you smoke so much? You’ve just put one out, you don’t need another so soon.”

I asked, “What do you think of my book?”

“I haven’t finished it. I’ll reserve judgement until the end.”

I said, “I can change anything you disagree with. I’ll give a copy to everyone, after it has your approval.”

Joy said, “Outcast said something about it, but he’s such a bullshitter, I never know what to believe.

“I was debating whether or not to come down here. It means two bus tickets, but I guess it was worth it. I’m not staying long. I’m looking forward to getting a big chicken sandwich, when I leave.”

I said, “I’ll stop to see Chuck on my way to work.”

Joy said, “I’ll be here tomorrow. I need the money. It’s the end of the week.”

“Hi Chuck, did you find your keys?”

“Yes I found them. I told you I phoned my son. He said he would check on my place in an hour. He took a lot longer than an hour. When I got home I let myself in the back door. That gives me access to the hallway. when I got to my apartment my son was there and my keys were on the coffee table. I’d left them in the door when I went back to get change. So, everything worked out in the end.”

I said, “Maybe I’ll see you tomorrow, depending on the weather.”