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NASCAR – 17 November 2014

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17 November 2014

“Good  morning, Chuck,” I said. “How was your weekend?”

“It was good, I guess. Friday, I wanted my son and his wife to come over and do some things for me . When I got home there was a phone message from saying him that he couldn’t come over, because his wife was sick. His wife wasn’t sick, she was drunk. She’s always fuckin’ drunk. The same thing the next day. I got my nephew to do some things, but he could only do so  much. I need someone to clean my top shelves. There’ve been lots of people who were supposed to do that, but they haven’t been cleaned for the past five years. With my wobbly legs there’s now way I’d get up on a chair to do them myself.

“Did you notice that Ghyslain isn’t across the street today. That’s my fault.  Earlier, I was panning on the corner by the coffee shop. A crackhead sat down on the steps near the door. He was yelling, ‘Gimme change, gimme change.’ He was also insulting anyone, especially women, who didn’t give him anything. I phoned the cops. When they came they told him to move along, they said the same to Ghyslain. It wasn’t my intention that he be rousted, but I don’t mind. He’s a nosy asshole. When the lady cop was talking to me the other day, he rushed over to find out what she said. It was none of his damned business, but I told him, just to avoid a scene.

“I watched a NASCAR race on Saturday. THe driver I was cheering for, Cole Whitt, was in fourth place when he came into the pit stop to change tires. The silly asshole using the jack pulled it out before all the wheels had been replaced, so that really screwed them up. The driver went from fourth to twenty-sixth place. I’m sure that mechanic doesn’t have a job today.