Following is a message I received on another board. It comes from Christopher in Wyoming.
ok well here we go. i was 8 yrs old when i started to have seizures in went to every doctor imaginable tell i was 14 yrs of age when i went to barrows intute down in Phoenix AZ. Down there they did brain surgry in remove a banana sized brain tumor it stopped the seizgures until 3 yrs. ago when on a drilling rig i had my first seizgure since i was 14 i am 36 now i was 34 then. Since then i cant find a job cause every job that i go to does not want to hire me because of my disablity. which makes it hard to find work in this town of Casper Wy. i did own my own house with rentals. i lost that due to bills i lost the truck i was driving due to my seizgures i cant even afford to look ne where becausae im dumb foded by the lack of respect that paople have now dayz for my illness in for the fact that that i was doing good 3 years ago had my own house my own job that i was at for 8 in a half years. girl friend that i planned on marrying. all that went out the window. that day. i lost everything. includeing self respect its been hard to find a job at X-mas time in that im homeless doesnt make it any better i broke there are times were i wonder if life is worth living at all is there any hope for me people look at me different i now have no friends i have none of anything people want do they even want me around its hard to live this life in keep my head up when theres no one that cares my family dont care they were the first ones to go. my friends next to the point where i have to decepre whos a friend in whos not cause people now days can take you for all your worth in not look back. I dont know ne more they are days when i wake up with a smile on my face in it all goes
Hi Christopher, thank you very much for your message. Life is certainly unfair. All we can do is take it one moment at a time. Try not to dwell on what happened in the past. Now is the only time we can make a difference in our lives. I wish you love and happiness for the future
  1. Merry Christmas, Dennis. Thank you for sharing this letter and for your kind words to Christopher too about not dwelling on past and only on what you can do now. This is a good reminder to me too.

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  2. narble says:

    When I hear about situations like this all my “problems” become little and I am reminded to express my gratitude for all of the wonderful people in my life.

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  3. revgerry says:

    Dennis, thank you for sharing your stories and your great big heart. Merry Christmas And merry Christmas to Christopher too. I hope he gets on SSDI and at least gets off the street. hugs, gerry


  4. Thanks for sharing this, Dennis and for your kind words to Christopher. I hope something can be done for him. People’s reactions to disability based on ignorance and fear are so damaging.

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  5. In Ontario, at least he’d probably be eligible for a disability income, but that’s not much, and it’s only a tiny part of Christopher’s challenges. Just heart-breaking.


  6. riselikeair says:

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    There are so many Christopher’s in this world. A moment of reflection at a time when so many of us take our blessings so forgranted.


  7. dbp49 says:

    Thanks for sharing that Dennis, I’m not too proud to admit it’s got me pretty teared up, and a lot of those tears are from some heavy-duty anger at the people this guy’s encountered since his seizures have returned. I know there’s nothing I can personally do, and the frustration from that is a pain-in-the—- also. Anyway, you pretty much said all that could be said to him, and my prayers will go out his way also, but I wanted to thank you for giving us all something to think about, so if we ever find ourselves in a similar situation, maybe we’ll remember this little story, and let it color our actions a little.


  8. Dennis…Thank you for everything you do to help dispel the myths about homelessness. You tell the stories….and they are real.

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  9. Erica Herd says:

    Poor guy. His story puts things in perspective for those of us fortunate enough to have a home.


  10. worzelodd says:

    Thanks Dennis, to Christopher, I know it sounds naff, you are a proud man, when I lost my job I lost everything to, had to start over at minimum sucks slough water, but I could not quit living, do not give up.


  11. mincs1 says:

    I have a son who suffers addictions. He was at a sober house until Dec24 and I have not heard from him since. Your site and my situation have given me a new appreciation for the homeless in our world. Thank you for the caring posts that you share.


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