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23 January 2015

I’d exited the bus and was hurrying to work. From behind me I heard, “Hey, Dennis, wait!” I turned and there was Chuck  bundled for winter in his wheelchair and Goldie wrapped in a blanket on his lap.”

Hi Chuck, “I wasn’t expecting to see you here. Have you been coming down often? How are you?”

HIs balaclava kept slipping over his mouth, so he was having trouble talking, but he said, “I haven’t been here since the last time I saw you. It was too damned cold. My son drove me down, because my enclosed scooter arrived yesterday.  Today the shop was supposed to have it assembled and taken it for a test drive. The battery has to be charged for twenty-four hours that’s why I didn’t come yesterday. It was shipped from Vancouver in pieces because it’s fairly bulky. Unfortunately, the one piece they forgot to send was the computer for the hand controls. Of course, it’s useless without that. I was really pissed off. They said it would take a couple of days for the computer to arrive, so I should have it running next Wednesday.

“I went around the shop looking for other things I’d need. I think I told you that I wanted to get a cover for it. They cost two hundred dollars. I took one to the cash and the guy said to me, ‘You’ve been so patient, waiting all these months, we’ll throw the cover in for free.’

I asked, “What make and model is it. I’d like to look it up on the computer?”

“Oh, I didn’t pay any attentions to that stuff. I just know it’s the blue one that I wanted. I guess it looks a bit like a Smart Car. I haven’t seen any others around, but some of my friends are interested in buying one. I’ll even be able to go through small snow drifts with it.

“A few other good things happened. I’d wondered what I’d do for parking. When I was in my son’s van I noticed the handicapped sign on his dashboard. He’s the one who usually drives me around. I asked him about it. He told me where I could get one. With one of those I’ll be able to park nearly anywhere. They’re not going to give a parking ticket to a handicapped person.

“Another thing, you remember the hotel manager had been phoning the police about me being on the corner? Well, the lady cop talked to her and said, ‘There’s no law that states that a wheelchair can’t be stopped on a public sidewalk. Also, there’s no law against him having his cap out. We haven’t received any complaints about aggressive panhandling.’ So, I’m in the clear.

“When I was in the Metro store I was going around the aisles picking up a few groceries. I even bought one of those roasted chickens for $9.95. When I got to the cash my bill came to $47.00. Before I paid the cashier I heard a loud voice saying, ‘I’ll get that!’ It was a lady that visits me regularly. I refused at first, but she said, ‘Chuck, it’s the least I could do, after knowing you all these years.’

“So what started out as a bad day, turned out good in the end.”

I asked, “So, are you heading up to the mall for coffee.”

“No”, he said, “this has been a big day. I’m going home to fix supper, put my feet up, and watch television.”

“Take care, Chuck. I’ll see you soon.”

“Bye, Dennis.”