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5.0 out of 5 stars This book might make you cry, shout, feel completely helpless and think really hard, but it’s absolutely worth it!, February 2, 2015
This review is from: Gotta Find a Home: Conversations with Street People (Kindle Edition)
Reading this book has made me think a lot about homeless people, pan handlers and anyone that seems an outsider in developed countries. I’ve always found it difficult to know how to interact with someone in the street that asks for money or help. As a young woman I find some of them scary or aggressive and with those that seem really in pain, ill or in great need, I don’t really know how to treat them because I’m afraid of sounding condescending or pitying them. Where I live, there are not many people living in the streets and those that do are never in groups, usually alone with a cat or a dog, or sometimes as a couple, when they’re young, which is highly unusual. Then, there are organized groups of beggars from different groups but they have nothing to do with the people in the book like Joy. Reading the book has been a humbling experience and also a scary one. It’s unfair and totally unacceptable that in developed countries with a lot of money there are so many people suffering, ill and with no roofs over their heads. It doesn’t matter what they’ve done before or how they got there, it’s everybody’s business to take care of them, to provide them with basic needs and make their life human. If they don’t want the help, let them say so. Today I’ve bought honey to an old man that produces it and was selling in the street. He looked really old and spoke very well but not much, he just sold me the honey and kept asking people to buy him some of it. I wonder what happened to him, although I’m sure he has his own home, but how come you need to sell in the streets when you’ve worked your whole life? Questions keep pouring into my head…brace yourself for this read…