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Posted: February 4, 2015 in Prose
on February 4, 2015
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REVIEW of GOTTA FIND A HOME by Dennis Cardiff
It’s a most unusual concept for a book. It takes us into an underworld we often glimpse but shudder from exploring. Personally, I thank the author, Dennis Cardiff, for taking my hand and leading me to a greater understanding of the homeless as human beings. There but for the grace of God go many of us.
Dennis is obviously a driven and magnanimous person. It’s enough that he works on behalf of the under-privileged. It’s a bonus that he’s written their story. And what a tale it is. All life is there: pathos; humour; the full range of emotions, desires, disappointments. These are ordinary people without one ordinary thing – money.
The book’s anecdotes are presented through conversation. The central character is Dennis Cardiff himself and we come to learn how his crusade has changed him personally. Dennis also provides some entertaining poetry at various points.
For me, this book made a welcome break from fiction and took me to a different universe much more effectively than any sci-fi could have done.
  1. May all those with less than homes find their way to your book. A shining beacon of LIGHT in the darkness.

    Thank your for sharing your stories for the world to pick up on. We need more people like you writing the stories LEFT UNTOLD by those to rich with money, yet poorly lost.

    My story starts at the “My Cups Overfloweth”. It is the ultimate tale of “Those TIME 45.+ to 7C^”. I sincerely hope you’ll check it out.

    45.+ to 7C^ = “Forgot to LOVE”


  2. swamiyesudas says:

    Kudos to David on this excellent review; and Kudos to YOU, Dennis, for being such an Inspiring, Kind and Caring person. Hearty Regards.


  3. swamiyesudas says:

    To Everybody who reads this: Dennis’ book is Well Worth the buy. Go for it!


  4. Good for you! You are helping so many people. Keep writing!


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