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5 Stars
on February 11, 2015
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Dennis Cardiff has written a book that inspires, and I believe would assist others; help the unemployed or anyone going through hard times.The interconnecting stories that author Dennis Cardiff tells shows me that Dennis has a lot of love for the people who he mentions in the narrative of this fascinating book. The story takes place over an eighteen-month period.

I’ve worked with students who display the types of features mentioned throughout this story, and they are often very had to keep on the straight and narrow. They would often prefer to be out shooting up than learning a trade that would help them overcome some of the adversities in their lives.

Cardiff made me smile at times. At other times, my emotions were tugged at. I became deeply concerned, as I was when I was a teacher, as I was caught up in the author’s efforts to understand the complexities of the troubled characters portrayed.

It takes writing skill to engage a reader intensely as I was drawn into this work. Five stars.


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