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          Thank you so much for your kind words. These unique individuals are
true heroes and survivors of the streets. I am humbled by their charity and generosity. What they may not have in abundance, they give with relish and enthusiasm. I am honored by their acceptance of me as a friend and member of their street family.

Journey of a Blogvelist

homeless_shoe_shiner_by_jonnydexter-d3l5o65 Photo: Jonny Dexter

This reblog Wednesday post is to draw attention to a blog as a whole, rather than a specific post. Namely Dennis Cardiff’s Gotta Find a Home, devoted to his encounters with homeless people. Dennis has written a book based on those encounters, in which the stories of individuals emerge, each one unique in their own way. Just as every person is unique, so is every homeless person – an obvious point too easily overlooked. To many of us, including myself, ‘the homeless’ are indeterminate, unheard and invisible. By giving them a voice, Dennis Cardiff restores them to humanity.

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Roland Legge

the man cured from Leprosy

Gospel Reflection

The second half of Mark’s first chapter is all about healing.  Early on we see that Jesus has both the power and the ability to make people whole.  These miracles not only gave hope to the people who were healed, it also put Jesus in the precarious position of being in the spotlight.

In today’s story of the cleansing of the leper, we see that it is the man’s faith in Jesus that opens the door to his healing.  Yet it is Jesus who chooses to cleanse the man of leprosy.  By removing the leprosy, Jesus also removes the social stigma that came with it.  Leprosy is a highly contagious disease.  In those days the only way to prevent the spread of leprosy was to isolate people with the disease.  They were cast off from their friends, family, and religious community.  A leper lived a painful, shameful, and…

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