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“Hi, Chuck, I saw your new vehicle parked in front of the coffee shop. It looks great. Have you had any problems keeping it charged?”

“Not so far, I’ll see today. I should be okay, I came straight here and I don’t plan to make any stops on the way home.

“A guy brought me a coffee this morning. As soon as he handed it to me, Goldie decided to poke her head up. The coffee went all over my cap, my glove and pants. That’s why I’m collecting change with this paper cup.

“I’m not going to be staying past nine o’clock. My hand and leg are freezing where the coffee spilled.

“I noticed that my neighbor still has his vehicle parked in front of the apartment. He doesn’t even have it registered. I’m sure my landlord is going to have something to say about that extension cord hanging out of his window. He had his chance — I was willing to share my spot with him for forty bucks a month, but he turned it down. That would have worked out for both of us. Oh well, it’s not my problem.

“I guess I told you that my TV satellite was turned off. I’m still disputing the money they say I owe them. I had all the invoices with me this morning. I got a lady to check them over and she agreed that they prove I don’t owe owe them the money they claimed. I wanted to verify it in case they take me to court. It started with a mistake made by the bank. They put the money into the wrong account, but I showed the TV company that I had paid the money. It’s up to them to deal with the bank. I didn’t pay this months bill, instead that money went to a cable TV company. It’s nearly two years now that I’ve been fighting them over this.

“I’m getting better reception now than I was with the satellite. I don’t get image degradation when we have heavy snow or rain. It’s generally more dependable and I get a better choice of programs. That doesn’t matter much since most of what I watch is hockey and football, but it was damned annoying to lose the picture midway through a game.

“The weather bureau is predicting rain tomorrow, so I may not be here.”