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The Devil’s Cradle by Darcy Daniel is a thrilling suspense novel. The reader is drawn into the plot by the fact that Nina Holt has been held prisoner in her own home for ten years. Previous escape attempts led to  brutal punishment by her husband Michael and his brother Greg.

A second plot line develops as Case Herder, an ex-cop, discovers a lead in the two year old murder case of his wife. This lead involves Nina’s brother-in-law Greg. Herder wonders if Nina can provide answers to some of his questions.

Nina and Case are brought together when, in trying to escape, she and her son are involved in a car crash. Case is the first motorist on the scene and offers the pair a ride and an offer of assistance. Nina doesn’t trust him, but accepts his offer since no other alternative is available. Case needs to earn her trust In order to connect Greg with his wife’s murder.

What I enjoyed most about this book was the subtle changes in the relationship between Case and Nina. Her past brutalization by Mike and Greg has stripped her of her self-assurance and caused her to fear all men. In her we see the effects of spousal abuse which has become a world epidemic.

Gradually, Nina evolves from a victim, to not only a survivor, but to an independent woman capable of providing a livelihood for herself and her son. This is a testament to all women caught in an abusive relationship.