13 April 2015

“Good morning, Chuck, how was your weekend?”

“It was okay. I was hoping it would have been better. We had that big game between the Senators and the Flyers. I was hoping to make some money.  I wore my Senators jersey, my Senators cap.  I thought all the sports bars would be packed. I went all the way down one side of Main Street, then came back up the other. There was nobody on the streets, nobody on the sidewalks, nobody in the bars. I couldn’t understand it, this game was for a playoff spot in the finals, and we won. The win on Saturday means Ottawa will play either Montreal or Tampa Bay in the playoffs, and we’ve consistently beat Montreal.

“I went home, watched the game on TV, by myself. It was a great game. We’re doing well winning 23 of the final 31 games in the regular season. Andrew Hammond made 34 saves.  Firing Paul MacLean and appointing Dave Cameron as head coach has done this team a lot of good. If the Senators were leading he’d always yell at the team to play defence, but that’s not the way to win hockey games. When a team plays defensive it opens itself to the opposing team’s offence. That’s how Toronto lost to Montreal. The Maple Leafs announced Sunday morning it had fired general manager Dave Nonis, interim head coach Peter Horachek and some of his staff.

I asked, “Do you ever attend the games, Chuck?”

“Sometimes, but it’s inconvenient and expensive. The wheel chair taxi service ends at 5:00 pm. Most of the games are in the evening. That means I have to rely on the regular bus system. They only have two designated spots for wheelchairs. At the stadium they have a limited number of wheelchair accessible seats —  in the corners. I prefer to sit at center ice. If  I can’t get on one of the regular buses, I’m stuck with taking a taxi. Sometimes they’ll take three fares at a time and I’ll end up riding all over the city before I get home. It can cost over $100.00. One time the driver stopped to pick up his mother. He jammed her wheelchair in the trunk where my walker was. Those cost $400.00 and It’s never worked properly since.

I said, “Depending on the weather, I’ll see you tomorrow, Chuck.”



  1. Do you ever talk to them about Jesus and eternal life?


    • I seldom talk to any of them at all, apart from asking a few questions for clarification. These friends have been lectured to all their lives about religion, life choices, addictions. What they want is someone to listen to their point of view. They know they’re dying. They just want to enjoy their last few days.


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  3. swamiyesudas says:

    My Dear Dennis, that was a wonderful presentation. The person with whom You had spoken was absolutely lucid, knowledgeable, NOT bitter despite even his wheel chair getting damaged, …a man one can be proud to have as a friend. He IS a Senator. …Thank You for Being There for them. Love and Blessings.


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