Mather the Cadaver

Posted: April 28, 2015 in Dialog, Prose
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28 April 2015

Sitting on his backpack, was a familiar figure. I said to him, “We’ve met before, haven’t we? Is your name Mather?”

“Yes,” he said, “we met last summer. Mather the Cadaver they call me.”

I said, “I’m looking for some of my friends, but can’t find many around.”

Mather said, “Chuck, the guy in the wheelchair, is two blocks down and his son, they call him Toothless, is in the next block. Chuck was having trouble with a crack-head who parked himself five feet away and started panning. That’s considered very bad manners. Toothless came along, picked the guy up, slammed him against the brick wall. He left real quick.

“I don’t socialize very much. The fewer the people around, the less likely I am to get into trouble. A guy came up to me yesterday and said you have multiple personality disorder. That’s just a way of labelling me so that I can be marginalized and isolated. That way, I’m not so much of a threat to them. What they’re afraid of is that I could testify against some of the mafia figures in the city.

“I haven’t been back here for very long. I was in Vancouver, what they call ‘Hollywood North’. It’s bad mixing actors and politicians, fantasy with reality. Scientology is especially bad. They implanted neurotransmitters behind my ears.  If I put a small piece of metal near my ear it will be attracted just like a magnet. Sometimes the pulse is strong and it causes all the muscles in my back to flex and tighten. If the pulse is low my body feels all rubbery. That’s the way they are able to find me.

“Have you heard of ‘acoustic cavity resonators’? Your ear is a resonator. If heat is applied, near these neurotransmitter implants, I can actually hear the sounds produced.

“I don’t take drugs, but the effects of microwaves are similar those of a person who has taken opium for a long time. At first they give you the good stuff that causes happy dreams, then they start giving you the junk that causes nightmares. Twice I’ve been given drinks like Iced Tea laced with opium. I felt really sick.

Tesla theorized that the application of electricity to the brain enhanced intelligence. In 1912, he crafted “a plan to make dull students bright by saturating them unconsciously with electricity,” wiring the walls of a schoolroom and, “saturating [the schoolroom] with infinitesimal electric waves vibrating at high frequency. The whole room will thus, Mr. Tesla claims, be converted into a health-giving and stimulating electromagnetic field or ‘bath.'”The plan was, at least provisionally approved by then superintendent of New York City schools, William H. Maxwell. (Wikipedia)

“In the States the C.I.A. supplies the mafia with opiates and other drugs. The mafia acts as their distribution chain. They do it that way because the mafia will never be taken to court, unless they cross an agent who’s like a Boy Scout. That can cause problems.

“Now I’m living in one of those subsidized death traps. The government uses them as a way to control us.They do it with microwaves. They can be really harmful. What may look like a regular microwave oven is capable of channelling waves that can be transmitted to apartments on either side, or to the ones above and below. When they get as far down as a parking garage they aren’t effective because nobody’s down there. It’s like when you’re a couple of hundred feet below ground in a mine shaft. You don’t hear the voices.

“I used to like Motorola. They made a low-frequency cell phone that wasn’t dangerous to a person’s health. Their competitor was Nokia who made a high-frequency phone — for a lower price. Eventually, to stay in the market, Motorola switched to the high-frequency.

“The politicians could control the entire population with subliminal messages transmitted by cell phones. This is really dangerous stuff.”

I said, “I’ve enjoyed our conversation, but I have to return to work soon. Perhaps, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Take care.”


  1. Bless your heart for listening, Dennis.

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  2. oldcocker says:

    Two beans plus two beans are obtuse. Listening to Mr. Cadaver is an excuse for not listening.


  3. james soliz says:

    Was this conversation a random event- or do you go out of your way to make it happen?


    • I do look for street people to talk to. I felt comfortable sitting with Mather, since we’d met and conversed before. I listened, but didn’t direct the conversation. I wouldn’t have been able to get a word in anyway — I tried. From our previous conversation, I discovered that he had attended university. The most important thing he gained from the experience was learning how to learn. After that he didn’t pay tuition, but used the library and snuck into larger classes that interested him. He’s been in the Social Welfare system for fifteen years.

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