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4 May 2015

“Good morning, Chuck. How was your weekend?”

“So, so. Did you attend a memorial service for Joy?”

“No, I haven’t heard anything about funeral arrangements or a service. When I talked to Mariah on the phone she said she didn’t know when Joy’s body would be released after the autopsy. I assume that she will be the person making the arrangements. I asked her to pass along a message to me, because I would like to pay my last respects.”

Chuck asked, “Did you talk to Ghyslain this morning?”

“No, I saw him across the street, but I didn’t talk to him.”

Chuck said, “He talked to me this morning. He said that he’d talked with Big Jake at the mall on the weekend. Jake said that he was going to make a cardboard sign, mentioning Joy’s death. Somehow, he’s going to try to make money from it.”

“He wouldn’t be very wise to do that. There are a lot of people who would use that as an excuse to lay a beating on him. There are others who don’t need an excuse.”

“Did you see that woman who just walked past wearing the hooker boots?”

“No, I said, “I didn’t see her.”

“She isn’t half as good-looking as another woman I saw this morning. This other woman was wearing the same kind of boots with stiletto heels, a tattoo running up the outside of her leg. I couldn’t see where it ended. She was wearing a flimsy see through dress that looked more like a slip. I tell you, that vision sure made my morning. In fact, when I die, I’d love to have that image in my mind. I’d think I was already in heaven.

“Something happened last night. I’m not sure what it was. There’s a guy named Lou, in our building, who has only has one leg. He use to have a pair of those funny aluminum crutches that attached to his forearms. He was having trouble with them. I remembered that I had a pair of wooden crutches from the hospital. They’d hardly been used, so I gave them to him.”

I asked, “How did he lose his leg?”

“I don’t know how it happened. Some disease or something.That’s not important. I was taking my trash to the garbage room. Somebody’s put bed frames and other junk in there. It was hard for me to move about. I thought I heard a voice. I called out, ‘Lou, is that you?’ I didn’t get a response. I knocked on his door, but he didn’t answer. I’ll check with the super later on, to see if he’s alright. I hope he’s okay.”

One of Chuck’s regulars stopped by and dropped two dollars in his upturned cap. He said, “I can’t stop to chat now, Chuck. I have to pee.”

“That’s something I didn’t need to know — too much information.”

I said, “I have to leave now, Chuck, but I’ll see you tomorrow.”

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