11 May 2015

“Good morning, Chuck, you must feel like a new man, or the Energizer Bunny, with your new battery.”

“No, I don’t feel any different. They haven’t turned it on yet. I was told that they had to wait until everything is settled, then they’ll turn it on. I don’t know if they were pulling my leg or not, but that’s what I understood. Mind you, I was feeling pretty dopey at the time.”

“How long were you in hospital?”

“Just the one day. I went in at 8:00, had the operation at 9:00, was out of the operating room by noon. They took me to my room to rest and at 2:30 said I could go home. A woman friend of mine was there to pick me up. We stopped at the grocery store on the way home. She bought some prepared meals for me, then drove me home. For the rest of the time I was alone.”

I asked, “When the battery is turned on will you feel any electrical pulse?”

“No, it’s just like if you wear glasses. It feels strange if you don’t have them on, but when they’re on everything is back to normal.”

I asked, “Have you heard anything about a funeral service for Joy?”

“No, she’s dead and gone and as far as straight people are concerned, forgotten.”

I said, “The weather was crazy on the weekend, up to 30 (86 F) then down to 9 (48 F).”

“Yeah, I heard on TV that it was crazy all over the world. There was a severe thunderstorm and tornado threat from Texas and Arkansas to Colorado. They were expecting hail as large as baseballs and straight-line wind gusts to 70 mph, along with flooding.”

I asked, “So, will you be staying out much longer today?”

“No, I’m too cold.”

I said, “I guess your body is in shock because of the operation.”

“No, the two have nothing to do with each other. I’m just cold. I’ll stay here about another ten minutes, until the blind man with the dog comes. I’ll tell him when it’s safe to cross and if he’s drifting into the line of traffic. If I don’t do it nobody will. Then I’m off to the mall.”

I said, “Take care, Chuck. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“I expect to be here, but I never know.”

Read more about my friends at http://ow.ly/Nc8k0


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  2. gillswriting says:

    You know how familiarity breeds contempt? It’s a bit like then when you follow a blog you enjoy. Then you get hit with a final line like “I expect to be here, but you never know” and slam bam dunk its got you again right where it matters. Keep doing it my friend and say “Hi” to Chuck from Tanzania for me! Loads of love Gill xx


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