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When extreme religious fundamentalists known as the Phineas Priesthood led by Ezekiel Yates and his three cousins, target Xantara Pembroke because they believe she is a witch, they launch a major conflict between unworldly disciples of good and evil. This 60,000-word, action-packed thriller shows the twists and turns of both sides as they try to destroy or save the souls of earth.

Imogene is the daughter of Xantara, a Guardian of Avebury Circle, an ancient monument near Stonehenge. For over three thousand years, wives of eight village families have performed ceremonies to heal local people, with power handed down from first daughter to first daughter. The Pembroke family encounter extreme prejudice from the Priesthood.

Braedon the village doctor is drawn into a world he didn’t know existed to protect his daughter. His wife Xantara keeps her secrets and causes conflict in the marriage.

All that is forgotten when Imogene levitates in Avebury Circle. Will the world believe Imogene’s incredible message?

This book has the potential to go viral!” Mike Smith of Creating Lifestyle!

  • “I just finished editing a thriller by an Australian writer Chris Sherborne, titled “Imogene’s Message.” I was so impressed with it that I offered to recommend it. This is only the second time I’ve done this in my 50 year professional editing career, so you can see that I’m enthused with her work. She has a good story, tells it well, and knows how to use good hooks and writing to keep readers engaged.” Don McNair
  • “Neither of us could put this book down, reading it in one sitting.” June & Peter Phillips
  • “Imogene’s Message is packed with excitement. I can’t wait for the next one.” Julie Lilley, UK



I rated this powerful and fast paced book 5 Stars

This is a very powerful and fast paced read. The characters are well-developed and the writing has a good flow. I was hooked from the start. I have enjoyed reading about religions past and present and the message in this book rings true. How many wars and atrocities are committed under the guise of religion? The Crusades is a good example, so are the ‘Troubles’ in Ireland. Many religions, Christianity included, have usurped the customs practised by a previous religious sect. Extremism in any religion is an excuse for discrimination.

This book is in the paranormal genre. The author, Christine Sherborne, did a very good job of suspending my disbelief in the supernatural. We can see all around us how discrimination plays a part in news events and in our personal lives. This book is a wakeup call to everyone to question everything and to act in the spirit of love. We are all the same, we seek happiness and an end to suffering. I recommend this book to everyone over the age of eighteen.





12 May 2014

“Good morning, Chuck, it’s a bit warmer today.”

“It is now, but when I came down it was pouring rain.”

I said, “You mentioned that Sandy had to go to the vet. What does she have to have done?”

“There are a bunch of things. She has something inside that has to be removed. Her teeth need cleaning, nails clipped. It’s going to cost at least $500. I’ll be lucky if it’s that low. Then I’ll have her coat trimmed for the summer and she’ll be all set to go. She had her shots a couple of weeks ago. That cost over $100.

“I can understand the need for these shots. If you apply for a job as a dishwasher, it’s mandatory that you have a shot for TB. That’s understandable. If you want to know the results, that costs another $15.00. That’s robbery.

“Now there’s a big protest on the part of parents against sex education.

The new curriculum tackles such issues as masturbation, same-sex relationships, online safety and the perils of sexting, as well as affirmative consent. (The Glove and Mail, Toronto.)

I think the schools are going too far. They’re going to be talking about prostitution, homosexuality and taking it up the end. They want to teach this to five-year olds. I think that’s nonsense. They have plenty of time to learn about that stuff.”

I said, “Like we did, Chuck. What were you doing at five years. old?”

“I remember this friend, Kenny had a sister about our age. One time we went up in the loft and decided to play doctor. That was quite an experience. Apart from getting a kiss from a girl in the cloakroom at school. I didn’t have much sex education until high school. There was one girl who flashed her tits at me and asked, ‘How do you like my headlights.’ I said, ‘I’d sure like to turn them on.”

I said, “My experiences were about the same. We spent a lot of time with girls behind the bushes. I had friends with older sisters which made it even more fun. I don’t remember any talk of the birds and bees, but plenty about choo choo trains and tunnels.”

A man walked past, obviously drunk, Chuck said, “There’s no reason for that. I’ve been an alcoholic, but if I had an appointment scheduled for the next day, I’d cut out the drinking, make sure I got a good nights sleep. In the morning I’d shave and shower, use after shave lotion, mouthwash and all that other stuff. If I was planning to get drunk on Friday I’d make sure to put some money aside, get plenty of sleep, because I’d want to have lots of energy.”

I said, “You wouldn’t want to fall asleep in your beer.”

“Well, I’d probably do that sometime later.”

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